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           Welcome to www.bigtimebiz.biz we are one of NYS largest African American web sites and have been online since 2001. We are a kind unique community oriented site that explodes with business, wall street, entertainment, sports and general quality of life information networking web site. Our site containing over 2000 Prime Time Pages of Information with over 27 different categories that'll give you balloon head fever from the rush of power, and quality of life information you'll absorbed. Our site was created to research new ways of speeding up and increasing distribution of community information for local residents, and established businesses in the global community so they can find answers to daily commerce issues to increase sales.

We seek to increase online interaction among from community residents and global surfers to research new ways of attracting web surfers to increase traffic around the world from within our own NYC Five Borough Communities and across the USA. Our goal is to create a two way information network that will help our local area residents find new jobs and careers by beginning the new technological revolution within our ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y area similar to building California's Silicon Valley. By gathering information and selling custom one of a kind products online to the world and helping our local community we hope businesses looking to increase sales would place their media advertisements with us in turn it would help us to employ residents as a domino effect to help our community grow and prosper.

We were the first to build The ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y USA ENY Community Board #5 and Brownsville Community Board #16 Web Sites that is how this web site started out back in January of 2001. Both of our Brooklyn N.Y Communities together have more than 2 million people living within their borders who are currently living doubled and tripled up together within apartments and homes because many immigrant families separately could not afford the $1,000 - $2,000 Dollar monthly rents and mortgages if they lived alone. ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn their combined border areas have more people living within them than alot of small foreign countries around the world. The area is a working blue collar community filled with a diverse immigrant population that clearly buys huge amounts of new products and services from all varieties of business.

Our goal is to build a global community, business and networking hub that is creditable and reliable that offers. Social quality of life information, political news since most people never go to their local elected officials web site for information  and a e-commerce, business networking hub to sell one of a kind new products, services and general information that will help educate, increase and improve any local USA residents and any global surfers quality of life to help them survive the global down turn on a daily basics. We look at our current up coming future success as taking our community by the hand and all of us reaping the benefits in the future.

               Nothing is impossible we already built the site you are now utilizing one man did all of the work. It may not be perfect but with real financial backing, a California Based Silicon Valley Venture growing within ENY Brooklyn N.Y is not as far fetched as you might think.

Our Own California Silicon Valley Technological  Center Right On Livonia Ave  In ENY Brooklyn N.Y Means 1O00's Of Jobs for Area Residents

 We are not talking about what we will do, our site is already here for you to use 24/7. The internet is like a baby crawling around in diapers our future growth is determined by helping our community grow as we discover new ways of sharing information online to increase economic development initiatives for unemployed area residents. Our efforts shall increase jobs on a local level, educate and open up ones eyes across the world where ever they may live. Our site has over 1755 pages and has been online since 2001 we have achieved over 3.5 Million Hits that can be documented and have risen to the top of all the global search engines in the world by years of hard work, long hours, and burning the midnight oil.

We built this site from scratch and have grown to maintain a global listing of 1 - 5 on most of the popular global search engines which some fortune 500 companies can not achieve today. Try it type in BIG TIME BIZ in your favorite search engine browser. Strange out of eight million businesses on the planet earth named BIG TIME BIZ our search engine ranking is usually listed from 1 - 5 on most of the worlds top search engines. We are not bragging, yes we are proud of it, but remember it did take over nine year's to achieve, alot of design, redesigning and hard research work to back it all up to meet yours as well as our demanding goals.

Yes, it took alot of time but you can immediately take advantage and benefit from our year's of online research, web development skills and Platinum Madison Avenue business marketing  knowledge today. This means, you as an advertising customer can have an ad or link displayed on our site leading to your site that directs continuous traffic that equals, " $$$  increased monthly profits  $$$ " !

               www.bigtimebiz.biz can offer your site immediate web traffic just by you placing an advertising ad, or site link on one of our web pages surfers can instantly connect to your web site/page and bookmark it. Many new web site owners do not even know that after they register their new web site address. They still have to get back in line once again just as if they were standing there waiting in line to receive some food. But this time you'll be standing their waiting in line not for food but waiting to become  listed on one of the top global search engines in the world like Yahoo, Google, MSN, or ASK Search Engines in order for the world to know that you even exist in the universe looking to attract new customers to sell them a product or service. Many people do not know that It takes approximately three to six months or more for your new web site to come online and be seen any the major search engine/s in the world. The Webmaster that is building your web site will never tell you this dirty little secret or they would loose most of their business.

With gas prices climbing, anyone that realizes the unlimited potential of the internet is standing in line right along with you or, has already stood in the very same line before in the past and is now, " MAKING $$$ " and is looking to re-register another new web site for a different cause! "Am I making any sense and getting through to you " most store owners are selling their stores or are gearing up to add a global internet web site online to help them sell their products and services globally !

                   Most Web Masters do not tell their customers that they will have to once again wait in line to be placed on the top global search engines because they would immediately lose business. Their are thousands and thousands of other web sites in the world also waiting their turn in line ahead of you to get their own web site/s listed on the same popular search engines for traffic that you want to be listed upon.  Now remember it all depends on the time of year and what type of backlog the search engine companies are currently experiencing due to more and more people trying to open up new web sites and pages online why? Because,

1. More people want to sell products online due to high gas prices for cars / trucks and so they can do away with their corner store location completely, and start a new business online and stop driving to work all together and hiring employees.

2. Their are alot of new people who are just tired of working for somebody else and making them rich.

3. Those who feel like gold prospectors who are now ready to stake their claim for gold online by panning through a continuous global running stream of water and to sniff that water with a screen as a new businesses hoping to find their share of golden nuggets in the global river of hope to become rich. But they forgot one thing ? The most important thing they will need is, a good screening method to sniff through the river of water to pan for gold, and in this case the screen to sniff out those golden nuggets from the river is ?


                    Many stores on popular shopping avenue's go out of business every day just because the owners do not get out on the sidewalk and attract customers into their store with a bullhorn speaker, advertise on TV, radio, newspapers or by passing out hand bill fliers hand to hand as shoppers walk by. Many store owners feel because their are thousands of people walking in front of their store they will be able to attract these same  customers into their store with little or no work and that is not the case because their are many stores on prime shopping avenues, that go out of business every day. If you have a MySpace or U-Tube or any other web site like a store owner on a main shopping avenue you will still need to attract customers into your web page or site store even if their are millions of surfers outside your web page or web site door.

If you own a business your going to have to put in some major extra time and work at it to become successful. But the rewards are well worth it, working online beats taking a bus or train and riding into that job each day and cursing under your breath that you can not stand or flat out " HATE THIS DARN JOB " and remain, " stressed out for the rest of your life " ! Remember, Rome was not built in one day and it normally takes any where from three through five year's to build a successful business on or off line. By utilizing our site we can offer you immediate web traffic for your own site while your standing there waiting in line for your new web site or page to be seen by the major Google, MSN, ASK and Yahoo search engines to start sending you web traffic that you currently do not have. Even when you do get on the major search engines you will still have to advertise regularly unless you invent a new space ship hover craft or something, then the world will beat a path to your door.

Having a web site online is alot like being a space ship that ran out of gas in space. Your just sitting out there floating around in space and can't get where you want to go and hope that a meteor comes along and hits you in the right spot so that you can be propelled across the galaxy and land in a good old USA gas station. Even after you are located on the search engines it will take time for you to build up your web site traffic unless you have a new invention or something that will change the world over night. Then the world will definitely beat a path to your door let's say, like a new spaceship for example or, a new Star Trek Lazer Gun. or a " HEY " Beam Me Up " Scotty Transport Machine " ?

              This is something many web developers do not normally talk about to customers because most do not have a major commercial web site like ours with over 27 different categories pulling in major global web traffic like www.bigtimebiz.biz am I making any sense to you, I hope so ! This is web school marketing class 101 stuff that you will not learn anywhere else because most web developers would lose business if they told you this dirty little secret.

But now with www.bigtiimebiz.biz on your side you will be able to recoup  time and grab a slice from my year's of research, gain mega global web traffic for your self and ? Get some sleep and gain instant web traffic for your current web page or site right from day one with us for a reasonable fee you can live with, " without going broke or holding out a tin silver cup on a street corner, " for food donations " !

Many web designers can build web pages and sites for you but how many of them can really offer you immediate web traffic instantly from a major commercial site like ours that has a web traffic track record attached to it that 90% of the global surfers return and in their browsers have placed a bookmarked link of our site in their favorite web site link folder.

                  Our site has a long track record of dependability and has been online continuously since 2001 and has gained triple digits from over 90 foreign countries. Next to GOOGLE's hits, we are but a tiny dot on the map. But remember GOOGLE was also a tiny dot on the map like us at one time. By offering you " immediate " web traffic we can help you speed up dissemination of your information online and encourage more e-commerce business people to visit your site by just by utilizing our site. We feature business and quality of life issues as a common foundation to build from that anyone on the globe can use. Our New York City Five Borough and Tri State Area Market is one of the USA's most powerful community and business marketing places on earth to capitalize and advertise your product from.

Information has no global boundaries, if it helps you improve business, increase the quality of your life and helps you to make more money in the USA or on the other side of the world. Then you come out a winner ! The majority of our surfers come back regularly being that we are broadcasting out of NYC USA and everyone in the world wants to peak inside of NYC and is attracted by its charm to search for more info that can place them on the right path with new styles and trends even if they live on the other side of the world that means your ad has the potential of being viewed more times than if it was listed in another non high profile USA State.

With road map in hand as the saying goes if you cannot sell your product or service inside of New York City or the USA then ? It will not sell anywhere on this earth because inside of NYC their is a huge cross section of different ethnic groups that live together within each borough that creates the famous melting pot sindrome called ? The Empire City, The City Based At The Top of The World " even doe it is not the North or South Pole " ! For example Brooklyn New York has more people living within its borders than most foreign countries do and. ENY Brooklyn's Community Board #5  is the largest of all The NYC Five Borough Community Boards and has a population larger than alot of other USA communities and small foreign countries put together with millions of residents living double and tripled up inside of apartments and homes due to high apartment rents and home mortgage payment costs.

                  Our market research explores new niche marketing opportunities that have opened up new business communication avenue's within our community that have increased sales for many of our Hudsonic Showstopper Production Organizations major corporate sponsors and site advertisers. Our goal is to seamlessly blend your business with online commercial advertisers to attract local and global consumers to bring you success for your business and establish a life long positive relationship that will service each of our ongoing needs.

             Our objective is to add more user friendly custom web widget components and services to our pages to build a 3D interactive, entertaining and user friendly information communication system for surfers to find local, national and global information online which in turn can help your businesses to advertise, sell more products and services in a professional marketplace to build brand loyalty from repeat customers.

Remember the internet is like a baby crawling around in diapers their are thousands of new ideas and opportunities coming online daily, yet to be uncovered and discovered. you must take advantage of rare opportunities when you find them and utilize these new avenue's of technology to narrow the gap between making money and staying in business.

It is hard to figure out who the real people are doing business online from The Bernie Maydoff's who look to RIP YOU OFF at will. It is also extreamly rare to find a site owner that has a 35 year track record that tens of thousands New Yorkers can attest to him having that long 35 year community activist track record which can be proven by high profile Elected Representatives, ENY and Brownsville Community Board Officals alike. The WEbMAster owner of www.bigtimebiz.biz and The Hudsonic Organization has been doing the right thing within his community for over 35 year's continuously since the Martin Luther King Day's. It's true just read our background track record and political affiliations which spells success for your business.

 { Track Record }  { Skills }  { Political Affiliations } 

We have never forgotten about increasing the quality of life of NYC local residents as well as global surfers who wish to enter The New York City USA Market Place online. As we open up new avenue's and services between small business owners and large global corporations all are searching for new ways to access local as well as global community markets from unique web sites like ours to sell their wares and they all have one thing in common ? The need for more, web traffic ! We offer a multitude of information, products, and services, that help individuals to find new jobs, start new business, find program funding grants and/or start a new not for profit organization of private corporation. The WEbMAster continuously updates his web development knowledge and redesigns the website pages on a daily basics to supply you with the latest RSS News Feeds, global news information as well as local monthly East New York Community Board # 5, Brownsville Community Board #16 Brooklyn N.Y USA political, general and local community news information to help organize our communities like never before. We also provide daily entertainment, sports, wall street, green energy news, FREE computer games quality of life information news and our monthly The WEbMAsters { { { SAY WHAT  } } } News Column Web Page for the general public to educate themselves.

Our site is well on its way towards becoming a major e-commerce site globally by the huge amount of global traffic we generate on a daily basics which can help you sell more products and services online today.

Watch for the opening of our new online shopping network

 Big Time Biz Web Stats Page

Professional Drama Plays and Cultural Entertainment Talent Shows

            We help to educate our surfers by introducing them to new business networking connections, upcoming seminars, product and service marketing information to take advantage of. We provide information to surfers showing how to buy and where they can sell their wholesale products online and also suggest where in the community they can obtain help for their businesses and how they can start their own new business online. We sell high quality products and offer professional business services that help you to sponsor, Our Hudsonic {Not For Profit} Organizations SHOWSTOPPER Summer/Winter Basketball Tournaments and Closing Trophy Award Ceremony Cultural Entertainment Shows  that has been operating for over 35 year's since the Martin Luther King Day's serving under privileged youth that live within NYC area. Our tournaments have attracted over 30 major corporate as well as an assortment of major Brooklyn Elected Political Leaders and local store owners few businesses have a long track record like we have. We have sponsored our SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournaments and our Professional SHOWSTOPPER Theater Drama Plays and our Cultural Entertainment Talent Shows for over 35 year's and it has provided fortune 500 corporations with additional avenue's to advertise and distribute their products and services deeper within our NYC community. www.bigtimebiz.biz applies " Platinum Madison Avenue Marketing Techniques " brought down to the community level for major fortune 500 corporations and local business owners to take advantage of to increase their own sales of products and services to consumers throughout Brooklyn N.Y, The Tri State Area and to global consumers around the world while local residents reap the educational and economic development benefits. Its a win, win situation.

 { Track Record }  { Skills }  { Political Affiliations }   

Site Demographics Documented:

Brooklyn N.Y Demographics:
45% female, 55% male
71.5% ages 10-54

Global  Demographics:

Reaching Over 90 Different Foreign Countries At Present


Big Time Biz Web Stats Page ]

[ Gov't USA Population Stat Pages ]



Other Creative Marketing Avenue's

              Another one of our goals is to help corporations obtain in depth online marketing analysis and computer survey's to judge the sales and marketing potential within our NYC Tri State Area. Many super styles and hip hop super trends start inside of good old Brooklyn N.Y USA and grow like grapes on the vine into global phenomenon's. Surveys have always sprouted new products and idea trends from R & B songs, HIP HOP music, custom products, services, videos, movies, and clothing sales,  can be tracked and collected from surveys at our tournaments/shows or could be collected right from any of our individual web pages throughout our site to address any of your companies specific needs. We can also help your company obtain marketing statistics at corporate sponsored events and/or from local programs that we organize that will enable corporations to make an immediate product marketing decision, during the next business day. In return corporations can help us sponsor local cultural entertainment talent shows, drama plays, and showstopper basketball tournaments with or without known celebrity speakers from movies, sports, and the music entertainment industry appearing. As you know celebrity super stars can bring more publicity better integrate, nurture and mold a new marketing strategy into a successful marketing campaign over night. We can help you increase corporate brand name recognition and product integration which can generate ? New sales leads between local community residents, online consumers, and global corporations by working together.

               Our eye opening site, provides quality of life information, stereo music, voice over's, sound effects, and sets the ambience for local and global community issues we all share from around the world. We offer certain services to the public free of charge to gain commercial advertising revenue, Internet users from across NYC, the tri state area and from around the world agree. Our BROOKLYN INFO PAGES are full of life with robust quality of life information. Our hip street corner page designs are unique, and the info shared by thousands of site visitors from around the world who create that clever, sure your right, word of mouth " BUZZ ", that keeps them, coming back over and over again !

An extremely large amount of foreign surfers from numerous countries, visit our site on a daily basics just to see our regularly updated ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn full color animated picture sight seeing pages hoping to gain an advantage through first hand knowledge as they search through the site trying to find the next new hip hop style, music song, or trend setting idea from our Straight Out of The HOOD Talking, Personal Opinion Web Page's. Yes we got an online neighborhood full of excitement which provides a glimpse into the lives of urban NYC residents, which translates into one word everyone understands called ? " Informative " ! We obtain usually fifty thousand hits a month through word of mouth advertising [ WOMA ], and that's why so many surfers in the HOOD and from around the world come back each day to peek at our professional as well as enter and hang out in our "Straight Out of The HOOD", street corner web site pages, and discussion forum rooms just to see ? If they can a get lead and, take advantage of some new trend setting style, idea, or hip word fraze coming out of the HOOD, as they try to catch ? "THE BUZZ", or vapors now forming on a Chill, Cool Breeze as it blows by. Customers continuously come back and like to ride the wave of excitement on our Night Club Pages and ride it all the way to the top, until it subsides or has completely, " Evaporated " , and  " Gone Out of Style " !

              Advertisers should take advantage of  www.bigtimebiz.biz through our buy one get one free animated banner ad's. Explore why our www.bigtimebiz.biz  Worldwide Travel Network, SHOWSTOPPER Tournaments, SHOWSTOPPER Theater and SHOWSTOPPER Products brand name logo located at the top and bottom of each page throughout the site is growing more and more on a global basics.

Description of Ads

               We can place your stationary single ads on any page and can make full motion 3D animated banner ads that can be incorporated into your online sales or online video ad. You can create streaming videos and have your ad rotated throughout our entire 1755 page web site. Our online advertising packages are affordable and range from a single banner ad that appears on one or more pages to developing an entire page ad or design/redesign a complete web site to fit yours/or your customers needs.

BIG TIME BIZ is looking for commissioned home based sales agents and marketing staff to sell our unique talking voice over ads, with or without DJ mixed stereo music and also sell web traffic links for additional commissions. We are also looking for businesses to lease space or sponsor an entire website category section for community events. The customer buys web space at wholesale rates from us and you can profit from selling unlimited retail corporate ad space within a desired web category section for one year while we maintain the categories content. The customer only has to worry about selling weekly, monthly or yearly ad space and places all of the profit money in their own pocket throughout the year by selling independent commercial ads until the next years lease payment fee is due.

                     Our advertising prices are dramatically reduced when ads are placed on each page in a chosen section that can help corporations build a full-scale marketing web page and/or site promotion campaign. Online ads can be combined into newspaper media ad/s and also linked from your own web site into yours. Our small individual ads or entire web page ad's can be setup with text alone or come complete with custom voice over's, custom mixed DJ music, 3D text and graphic animations,  or converted into a full blown commercial streaming video advertisement campaign.

www.bigtimebiz.biz website utilizes industry-standard 468 x 60 ad banners that are positioned at the top, bottom, or sides of each page in preferred high-visibility position/s or you may prefer to utilize our 120x 90 size button ads which can be placed anywhere on a web page or in an animated banner ad. Our site accepts SWF Flash Animated Banners, GIF, JPG, PNG Graphic/s, and Adobe Acrobat PDF file formats. Unlike placing your ad on U-Tube or MySpace we control our own server and can accommodate your every need with additional file space. Advertising banner ads and graphics can be static or 3D animated, advertisers should provide their own pictures or we can come to your location and take pictures or shoot streaming video/s. Contact the www.bigtimebiz.biz webmaster to produce a full color/black & white custom banner ad, or online streaming  video and we'll tailor it, " to your expectations " !


www.bigtimebiz.biz owns and operates its own sophisticated high tech computer server. Our advertising management network system  tracks, and can rotate advertisers banner ads throughout the entire web site from one second through to round the clock rotation of animated or place stationary banner ads. Or we can direct and target your own banner ad or business card ad to a specific web page or category section. Our system runs banners ads directly from our own www.bigtimebiz.biz Corporate LINUX /APACHE Web Servers, plus our servers can circulate and track your banner ad hits as well as those that come from third-party ad management services. Likewise www.bigtimebiz.biz can provide direct invoicing to advertisers, or leave the billing to the advertiser's agency. Banner pricing is based upon standard CPM measurement, and varies by size, time and rotation order.

                In addition to serving banners ads and offering title sponsorships to customers to advertise their products and services at events within the community. It would be nice if your corporation would think about sponsoring a high profile SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournament Game and/or a SHOWSTOPPER Cultural Entertainment Talent Show, and/or a SHOWSTOPPER Drama Play Program within our NYC area. These special options can also be designated and promoted from your newspaper or web ad within the selected website categories you choose. www.bigtimebiz.biz provides professional Platinum, Gold and Silver  Madison Avenue Marketing services to advertisers electing to run online contests alone and/or in conjunction with another Newspaper, TV or Radio Station Program Campaign. Or you could gather survey information from our MySQL web form component data based pages and/or from our marketing service that collects web site visitors individual browsing preferences.

One Month Web Site Ads Include

    Full One Page Ad=  receives 3D animation graphics, voice over's and custom mixed DJ music.

  Page Ad=  gets 3D animated graphics and text, music, no voice over's.

     Page Ad = graphic/s static text, no music, or voice over's.

    1/8 Business Card Size Ad= graphics static text, no animations, no voice over's or music.


Banner ad specifications are as follows:

  • GIF file format

  • Flash accepted with backup GIF file

  • 468x60 and 120x90 banners

  • File size limit - no more than 15k (less that 12k preferred)

Banner Ad Pricing

  Optional Monthly Internet Site Surfers Report

     Our USA and foreign country internet surfers survey report shows, what pages the surfer logged onto while they were on our www.bigtimebiz.biz site. The monthly site report reveals statistics only for ads and web pages listed on our immediate site. This does not include web pages/sites that are linked into our site, server only reveals linked traffic coming in from your external web page and (other web sites except search engines) which means it calculates the amount of traffic coming in from your site to ours, not the other way around. You would have to look at your own servers statistics to view how many hits your site is currently receiving from our www.bigtimebiz.biz site as a gauge to make future decisions for advertising with any site you link into. We are currently working on recoding our server to add up the traffic from our site to external sites, but the majority are very happy and keep coming back to advertise telling us we have definitely improved their web traffic.

                  Our report provides a detailed computerized summary showing any web page or ad on our site with up to the minute apache server statistics in pie chart form stating what pages surfers logged on to, times they entered the page, time remained on the page, time they exited the page, links clicked while on your page, hits obtained, search engine report - from where or what site they logged onto, amount of surfers that logged into the site on a daily, weekly, and monthly basics. The full monthly internet site report provides you with future insight towards aligning new marketing trends, services, and programs, for budgeting, launching of new products or helping to sponsor local events to integrate your companies products or services deeper within the community like never before. This report is optional and commands an additional charge remember we are the very first web site ever to usher in the new technological generation within ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y USA. By utilizing technology we are planting the seeds of future growth, by linking residents, initiating communication between them, improve upon community relations, organizing methods, and increase the quality of life for all within our NYC communities in the future while opening up new doors for your business to sell products or services and gain mega exposure like never before.


            Planting new communication seeds shall spur improved relations between elected officials, and residents participating in community meetings from home in our online discussion forum rooms and webcasts. Business in the future can market their products and services directly to residents within our upcoming community orientation blogs, discussion room meetings and through our upcoming webcasts. Corporations can sponsor our weekly / monthly discussion room meetings and community blog orientated discussions can reap the benefits of a captive audience with banner ad advertisements to market their products and services more effectively than TV and Radio to a captive audience that is interested what is directly going on within their own community. Why because we command residents attention as they spend more and more time on their computers and view our site for longer periods on a daily and weekly basics it shall enable your product to receive more publicity, exposure, get your points across, and remember we can develop a custom voiceover or video for you and can coordinate it within your 3D animated graphics and text animations.

   The web is the next best thing to live Cable, TV Shows, and Radio Programs and it is fast becoming the dominant networking leader within the communication industry.

     Discount Store Or E-Mail Coupons And Web Sales

                  You can use discount product coupons combined with banner ads or videos assigned with bar codes to document date, page location, time, likes and dislikes from a short consumer survey that can help you plan ahead by sponsoring mega exposure community events to obtain increase sales for your company from our web pages and ads. Bar code coupons can be printed out from a potential customers home printer and utilized at your store counter for discounted purchases or you can sent it out to customers through U.S Mail, E-mail or place a pull out flier in your mail order catalogue sales program. Corporate sponsored events can be advertised throughout our site to peak and keep residents interest as residents look forward toward  attending your sponsored event date in their local community and look forward to utilizing their bar coded discounted coupon which can become one of the main reasons why you will be able to increase sales during the entire special event and judge the response immediately  after.

    Each year The Hudsonic Organization participates within MODELLS Sporting Goods Stores TEAM WEEK inside of NYC. We are one of their top premier Team Week money earners. Due to our increased exposure we generate sales for them and bring in a large amount of additional revenue for MODELLS at the store counter while a portion of the proceeds goes back into The Hudsonic Organization to sponsor its Winter and Summer SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournaments Events operating since the 1970's. Its a WIN, WIN situation for both corporations for the past 9 years. Our goal is to increase business advertising on our site so you can help us keep the services we provide to the community operating successfully. When we combine general quality of life news with important political community topics it provides a new  360 degrees technological niche marketing avenue of delivering increased sales to business owners and information to residents that has never been done before or fully explored within our ENY, Brownsville Brooklyn NYC USA Community. We are holding our communities hand and taking it with us on the ride to success. I never ever heard of a growing business doing that before supplying information to residents and increasing business sales to keep local/corporate businesses thriving its a win, win historical journey.

" Sounds Interesting " !

   Then Join In and Contact Us Today:


" Enter The New Millennium ", and

       Welcome To www.bigtimebiz.biz

Site Has Documented Over 3.5 Million Hits  Since 2001

We Must be Doing Something Right
For more information contact customer service  advertising sales department  to place an advertisement on our
www.bigtimebiz.biz website.

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