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webstatbwebstatbwebstatbOwner Randy Hudson started out building web sites for local businesses and major corporations. He realized his community was out of touch with technology and could use his talent to change things. He then decided to bridge the information gap within his own Brooklyn N.Y Community and the rest is history. We still build web sites for private and commercial customers and  at the same time provide a one of a kind information network to residents so communication can increase throughout our community. We are the first to pioneer in the new millennium and setup a local online community orientated news and business information network within  The East New York and Brownsville Sections of Brooklyn New York. Our web site possesses over 1755 pages of prime time information in one place to help educate residents not fluent doing web searches to find the information that can easily turn their locked up dreams into reality. Our goal is to develop our site into a national then global bi-lingual powerhouse  to sell products, and speed up economic development within our community as we utilize computer technology to bridge the gap of opportunity to  increase entrepreneurship, research  new community organizing methods, and solicit new business advertisements from small businesses and major corporations globally to help sustain our day to day operation costs for a web site that already has obtained "MAJOR  DAILY TRAFFIC" on it featuring over 2.5 Million Hits since 2001. Our sophisticated 24/7 Advanced Web Statistics 6.3 Corporate Server Program, lists individual hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly web survey stats that provides you with the time, surfer was on our site, the amount of page hits they obtained, the amount of surfers that came in from the USA and from from foreign countries from as far away as Romania, Germany, Africa, Slovenia, Argentina, China, Israel, Japan, Canada and many other foreign countries showing when the surfer logged in and is tracked throughout the day showing which pages they visited and how long their stay was on each page while logged onto our site.


Residents can now find help easily in our business section pages to establish a  home businesses, corporate info, find employment, buy SHOWSTOPPER Products, sell their own products online right here, or review local community board decisions from monthly meetings that can effect their lives 24 hours, seven day's a week, and 365 day's a year within the two largest community board area's ENY Community Board #5 and Brownville Board #16 District Area inside of Brooklyn N.Y which contains millions of residents who are doubled up within their homes and apartments. When I was a young teenager, no one within my local ENY community could tell me how, or where to go to start a business or where I had to go to fill out papers to establish a legal corporation, it was so frustrating. That is one of the reasons why I took the initiative to do what I have done. I carry forward Martin Luther Kings Dream of equality for all and  feel residents that log onto my site and read the info they are interested in, will now be better equipped to compete more effectively in the market place directly because we leveled  the playing field ahead of time for them so they may increase the quality of their life today in a way that I could not in my younger years as they enter .......

The New Millennium “ !

U.S Census Marketing Statistics

Total Amount of African Americans Living In Brooklyn  = 898,350

Total Amount of Hispanic Americans Living In Brooklyn = 487,878

Total Amount of African & Hispanics Americans Living In Brooklyn

Ages = 5 - 14 Years Old = 330,432

Ages = 20 - 34 Years Old = 584,584

Ages = 35 - 54 Years Old = 282,348


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We post important monthly community meeting dates, and release important ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn Community Board #5 and 16 information within the community to influence change, also word of mouth has spread and surfers from around are logging into our site because they realize that we offer information that is of interest to them even doe they live within another community board district area within NYC. Surfers can find new careers through our 125 Online Job Web Sites, Come from all boroughs to, Sign Up For Our SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournament Games, Drama Plays, & Cultural Entertainment Talent Show Programs. You can buy and sell products, or search to find a tri state area night club, weekend party, or local community event to enrich the quality of your life. The world has changed, monthly community meetings have become, outdated to most residents today except for the immediate sponsoring organizations board members and district political leaders that attend regularly. Most white and blue-collar workers now work two and three jobs today in order to survive and keep what they already own. The high cost of transportation and lack of time provides the right ingredients for non-attendance at monthly community meetings and that is where our www.bigtimebiz.biz Site comes in. Our web site goes one-step further than regular community cable TV programs and radio. We provide on demand 24 hour community information, many people may not make it home in time to see that community meeting program on TV or fall asleep and miss the radio program they wanted to hear. Our site currently fills that void by providing a new avenue for businesses to collect surveys, target market new music, and sell  products and services to local residents. Small and big businesses are constantly searching for new way's to market their businesses product's and services more efficiently directly into African and Hispanic American consumer households by visitors logging into their web site.


We  provide a number of different way's to help your businesses increase its  bottom line. We can help your business access the growing middle class ENY and Brownsville market more effectively through our mobile phone text messaging ads and monthly e-mail newsletter services. Or we could back up your present market research surveys with advertising ad’s in our monthly “ SAY WHAT News Column ”, IRT #3 Transit Improvement Committee News, Entertainment News, or Local Community Board News Column Pages. We can also distribute your ad through yours or by using our monthly mobile phone text messaging services, to communicate more effectively with The ENY and Brownsville consumer market through our customer e-mail list generated from ours or from your own web site mail or e-mail list. Our services provide your company with a unique avenue to commercially advertise your business services deep within the largest community board districts within New York City. Community Board #5 and Brownsville Brooklyn Community Board District #16 areas. Most corporate marketers have never really utilized district area local web sites in the way we are presenting our web site to you now. Remember the web is like a little baby still growing and everyone both surfers and major business corporations alike are still discovering new online marketing, advertising methods, and developing new software programs to better integrate and deliver their products and services directly into consumer hands.


Its like walking or driving your car into an unknown  neighborhood, you can get their but don't really know much about the local area with or without a map. The natural thing to do is, ask a local resident passing by for directions unless you already have been to your destination before, why should you ask  ? Because  the local resident when asked will immediately show you on the map you have in your hand or without a map where and which way you should go, where you can find all of the short cuts in order for you to reach your destination in a shorter amount of time. Remember a local resident already knows where all of the back allies are because they live their, the paths you should stay away from, where the bad area's are and, where the right people hang out. Now that you are in the know and have insider community information you can then proceed to fully custom tailor your journey as a marketing plan suited specifically for that community. You could never  find out  this type of information from federal, state, or city marketing maps or surveys or, from behind a store counter located within another neighborhood or, from a corporate boardroom  office desk. You already  know that their is gold to discover within a particular community. But you just can't find the right networking connections or develop a confident delivery method and survey map to follow so you can uncover that hidden gold buried deep within the local community. Our web site provides you with insider information you could never get before about our local district area. Now you have the right tools, the upper hand and the advantage over your competition you've been searching for to market, new products or services, spur additional sales and  increase market share for products or services already being purchased or new items to be advertised and marketed within the immediate area.


Utilizing local web sites is nothing new to market products and services, But it is the new way we organize and package our custom information networking web pages that is what makes us truly unique and makes us stand out over thousands of other web sites over and over again. Advertisers find our our unique talking and toe tapping music web pages has a niche market with room to grow that have never been fully exploited before particularly within NYC's East Brooklyn Communities directly because, computers contain more memory, and internet servers are speeding up more and more due to technology improvements and new software programs are constantly being developed. The Channel 13 Wall Street Report stated that businesses  are looking at new ways of redesigning their online ads directly because of high speed DSL, and Cable internet access connections which now allows businesses to broadcast over the internet voiceovers, music and full color 3D animations at speeds similar to present commercial TV ads. The age of commercial TV type ads have come of age online due to  faster ISDN internet connection speeds. This allows your business to custom tailor new online ads and design tailor those ads to your viewing audience with voiceovers, 3D animations, and music. www.bigtimebiz.biz has been designing its web pages like commercial TV ads since 2001. From the beginning we  started designing for the new millennium because we already knew that the web was developing at a rapid pace and would one day feature online ads similar to the ones you now see on your TV screen.


You might say ?  I have alot of apprehensions about advertising on your site ? Because alot of residents do not own their own computers, many residents now do own their own computers and thousands will buy new computers during the year and for  Christmas. The East Brooklyn  District Area is fast becoming a middle class enclave. Residents that do not own a computer access our site at work, from the library, or from  a friends home due to word of mouth about our site. You might say ? Many residents there, are not computer literate and must first be educated about operating a computer, web shopping, and I know many residents have personal concerns. Yes many residents must be educated about online shopping, security and online payment methods and yes we are presently addressing those needs at local community board meetings, School PTA Meetings and by speaking and making sure that senior citizens as well as teenagers and local not for profit organizations become more aware of the vast potential that online web browsing and e-mail communication possess towards organizing our community for the future. We are also addressing our communities needs by distributing hand bill fliers, online through our most popular web page sections featuring The Popular IRT #3 Transit Improvement Committee Web Pages which logs thousands of hits monthly by itself. We address important issue also through our monthly, " SAY WHAT NEWS COLUMN ", which provides information and personal opinions straight from The WEbMAsters mouth, reaching thousands of The Baby Boomers and HIP HOP Youth generation from throughout NYC five borough's who have played within our SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournaments and return constantly to view web page  pictures from the latest tournament games and also scroll the pages to find out when our next SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournament sign of date is in effect. We have 28 other web page subject categories online, where more and more residents log onto our site daily through word of mouth to view entertainment news, HIV/AIDS information, known community political issues, employment opportunities, how to start a business, view and hear the positive side within our community through our " STRAIGHT OUT OF THE HOOD " Picture Talking Web Pages, and check out our Brooklyn Info Pages featuring local organizations who provide FREE local programming. We reach local residents, global consumers and B to B businesses that you need to reach from deep within our community on a global basics directly because of our niche market information network.


A number of local not for profit organizations, after school programs, beacon after school center programs and churches do have web sites. Most community sites are hard to locate, and possess little advertising web traffic. An unadvertised web site is like a dead orbiting satellite floating around the earth in space, the individual or company knows it is out there, but the rest of the world does not. Our site provides one place to collect and distribute a wide variety of community and business web site information to people that are not in the advanced stage of doing research online themselves, or who possess little knowledge about operating a computer. That is why we made it easy for them to find all of the community information they need to know in one spot to increase the quality of their lives today.


For example ENY, Brownsville Brooklyn and many other low income communities across the country have no specific voice mail telephone numbers to call for community meetings and event info. Most do not have a web site clearing house location or even an e-mail address, to immediately avail residents about daily, weekly, or monthly information about local political, community board, block and tenant association community meetings, community based programming, special event programming, athletic sports programs, free educational programs, senior programs, bus rides, educational classes, or local restaurants.


That Is Where BIG TIME Bu$iness Online Web Services Comes In


We have already obtained a huge amount of page hits from around the world and have had over 3.5 Million Hits on our site since October 2001. Monthly we obtain anywhere from 30,000 - 50,000 hits a month that can be documented, and we have not appeared on any TV show or radio program to publicize  our web site. Soon we are planning to publicize our site in more Newspapers, on TV and on Radio Program's. will start making personal appearances on top rated TV and radio programs to bring more publicity to our www.bigtimebiz.biz Web Site that means, our web traffic will increase " dramatically " !  www.bigtimebiz.biz connects with local and global community resident’s that do own computers, and also connects to residents that do not own computers  who revisit our  free community day after day for insider information, at home, via the public library, at work, or from a friends computer. We have developed  a one of a kind information network online to better serve community residents and meet your business needs with full color pictures, voiceovers, 3D animations, and stereo music. Many corporate investors have already asked us how to buy stock in our company and have also asked, if we wanted to sell our website out right, but we declined all offers at present because we are having fun, and truly realize the enormous growth value and vast marketing potential of our web site in the future. 


" Yes ", our advertising rates  are  truly affordable and reasonably priced. So advertise your products and services here on www.bigtimebiz.biz and start reaping the benefits of innovative marketing tactics, " tomorrow " !


Also watch for our new upcoming cutting-edge computer employment program that will teach residents how to buy and sell products online in the future. Our upcoming computer program will increase local commerce, spur new ideas for products from within the community, increase employment by providing better access to more high quality jobs online, and will help increase entrepreneurship throughout the entire community.


If you would like to help fund our online computer employment program or advertise on our site. Please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. " Remember Nothing Is Impossible, When People Work Together  " !


Contact Us : Call [212] 631-4218, E-mail: rhudson@bigtimebiz


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Consists of 1755 Web Pages From The Categories below

Categories Listed Below

Categories Listed

1.               Own SAY WHAT  New Column,

2.             Entrepreneur Business Information Web Pages

3.      Wall Street Stock Market Information Web Pages

4.      Monthly Mobile Phone and  E-Mail Newsletters

5.      New Grants Offered To Not For Profit Organizations

6.      NYC Night Club Party Directory & Community Event Web Pages

7.      Over 125 Top Online Job Web Sites With Blank Resumes For E-mail Use

8.      East New York {ENY} Online & Content Category Web Pages

9.      ENY Brooklyn Sight Seeing Picture Web Pages

10.     The NEW Brooklyn Info Pages- Providing FREE Local Programming

11.      Brownsville Brooklyn Sight Seeing Talking Picture Web Pages

12.     Brownsville Online Web Pages

13.     State Senator John Sampsons Web Page

14.     ENY City Councilman’s Charles Barron Web Page

15.     ENY State Assemblywoman Diane Gordons Web Page

16.     ENY Community Board #5 and Brownville Community Board #16 Web Pages

17.     SHOWSTOPPER  Basketball Tournament Web Pages The Only

                  Tournament In Brooklyn N.Y With Over 20 Major Business Corporations

           and Prominent Local ENY & Brownsville Political Sponsors

18.     Temper Tantrums Entertainment News Column,

19.     HIV/AIDS Information Network and News Column Web Pages

20.     Custom 3D FLASH Animations,

21.     SHOWSTOPPER New Product’s Selling On Our Site,

22.    Custom Auto & Motorcycle Web Pages

23.    “ Straight Out of The HOOD, 3D Animated - Talking Web Page’s ” 

24.    FREE Food Location Web Pages

25.    The Hudsonic SHOWSTOPPER Production Organizations History

26.                Quality RSS Feeds On BIG TIME BIZ

27.              The WEb"MAsters Track Record


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We attract large amounts of continuous traffic to our web site. This adds commercial value to our site, which in turn attracts B-to-B customers looking to advertise their products and services to sell to our online consumers. Our advertising rates are reasonable and remember to keep your business profitable you must advertise on a regular basics in order to attract new customers. ENY & Brownsville together have over Million Residents living within their borders. Plus over 5000 new homes are currently, being built bringing in another 10 – 20 thousand new middle class residents.


               We Received Over Two and A Half Million Hits Since 2001

                Monthly We Currently Receive – 45,000 Hits and Up A Month


        “ We Must Be Doing Something Right “ ! Join Us, Advertise On  

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