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  Randy Hudson and

The Hudsonic Showstopper Production Organization's

35 Year Real True Life Story

The Hudsonic Showstopper Production Org Has Been Operating - Since 1973

We Became A USA Federally Registered 501 C3 Not For Profit Org - In 1995

Registered: With The NYS Attorney Generals Office - April 2009

Has A USA Federally Registered: EIN#

Registered: NYS Department OF Labor SUI# - Since 2001

And Is A Registered: NYC USA Vendex Contractor - Since 2001


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1. How Did We Start


2. The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects Family Day Original Main Sponsor Since The 1970's


3. IDRC Record Pool & My Friend JAMM MASTER J Of RUN - D - MC


4. As We Have Grown


5. The First African American Ladies Head Band Manufacturer


6. Chairman of The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects [DEP] Program


7. Up Date On JHS 218


8. Chairman of The Board of The Hudsonic Org IRT #3 Transit Committee

9. Showstopper Annual  Basketball Tournament Games

10. Program Sponsor List

11. Qualification Resume







                     How Did We Start

  Randy Hudson Is The CEO and Owner of and The CEO of The Hudsonic Showstopper Production Not For Profit Organization.


The Hudsonic Organization:  was founded back in l973 as a Mobile DJ Sound and Computerized  l0 Way Chaser Stage Light Show  Unit for hire at Disco Parties and for backing up Live Entertainment Bands In Concert. We were hired out by The Winston Collection One of The Top African American Disco Promoters back in the 1970's who promoted weekend disco parties out of The Nell Gwynns Restaurant at Park Ave and 42nd Street inside of NYC, The Raspberry Freeze in The Village NYC, 45 Below NYC , Horn & Hartducts on 42nd Street & Lexington Ave inside of NYC, just to name a few.


We grew up during the 1960's and 70's when it was about how smart you were, how much education you possessed, and not about how much money you had. It was important to know where you were going to go to college and how much raw talent you processed before drugs took over and changed our community forever. We were the only Mobile DJ Unit back then to supply mobile disco music with computerized lighting during the entire day for a number of the Major United Nation Dignitary Parties in the Reception Hall in a large white building sitting next to the water at The 34th Street and the FDR Drive Boat Basin Docks. We hired by Pricilla Wooten ENY City Councilwoman during the 70's. We were the first Mobile DJ's to perform for the very first college graduating class coming out of The NYS Department of Corrections Prison System under Commissioner Benjamin Ward back in the 1970's. At the minimum security prison the event took place at was a called, The Fish Kill Correctional Facility in upstate N.Y.  NYS Department of Corrections Commissioner Benjamin Ward was there plus every NYS Prison Warden and Assistant  Warden he commanded under him and the News Media was also in attendance during the entire event at the prison site during the event. It was an all day event I'll never forget, as all of The High NYS Ranking Dept of Correction Officials, The News Media and The Hudsonic Organization walked through the prison cell tiers together.


As we walked through The Fish Kill Correctional Facility Prison Cell Tiers, I grew cold as an ice cube, as I slowly walked behind at the end of The Benjamin Ward entourage with my mouth wide open free as a bird, I steered at  l000's and 1,000's of inmates on all day lock down in their separate jail cells. As I walked I kept on pinching myself, just to make sure that I was up, and not sleeping or dreaming. As I walked, talked, laughed, and joked with many of the locked down convicted felons I was amazed to find that many of them were from my own ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn community now locked down behind bars, yes I saw them doing real time inside of a "major NYC prison". It was "SHOCK TREATMENT" to me in the first degree, I'am not trying to make light or be funny with what I'am about to say but it reminded me of going on a weekend day trip to The Prospect Park Zoo with my now decreased Big Sister Fay Gordon back in the 1960's. For some strange reason right there an then I made up my mind and knew I was never going to return into The NYS Correctional System ever as a convicted felon as long as I lived.  "No AMOUNT of MONEY", in this world is worth going after, being busted, going into prison, and being locked up for year's like a caged animal, just like the caged animals I saw when we visited The Brooklyn N.Y Prospect Park Zoo, just to achieve a "bad rocking chair memory of your former free life".   


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IDRC Record Pool & My Friend JAMM MASTER J Of RUN - D - MC



      On a lighter note, we were also part of being on the very first Record Pool Ever In History that guided the music recording industry we would receive new hit records that were not on the market yet and would play them at our disco parties and would return surveys to let industry exec's know which records were hot when played at the disco parties. The disco crowd would let us know which new records they liked as we played the new records at nightly disco parties we would then turn in a survey to Eddie Rivera and then he would tally them up and return them to industry exec's so they would know which record singles and albums to invest more money in. Eddie Rivera's { IDRC }  International Disco Record Center had all of the TOP Night Club & Mobile Spinning DJ's inside of the TRI State NYC Area on it. We provided DJ Music at a number of { IDRC } Star Parties for Melba Moore, Bohannan, and Vicky Sue Robinson to just name a few. The VIP Only Super STAR Parties were for old and new Recording Artist Releasing Their New Recording Albums to the public their were so many top recording artists and exec's walking around in the parties like Rick James, The GQ Band and many other stars, it was just unbelievable. We were also hired out for The Very First Black Survival Weekend Party at Albany State College, Spent The Summer of l974 getting paid for Spinning Records @ Club Atlantis on The Coney Island Board Walk, and we competed against DJ Flowers with MC - KC The Prince of SOUL @ Town Hill 2 In Flatbush Brooklyn. A lot of the new HIP HOP RAP Singers Today really don't know that Mobile DJ ' ing was born inside of Good Old, Brooklyn N.Y USA and that all of the original Mobile DJ's were The Smith Brothers, DJ Flowers, DJ Chango, DJ MABOYA, PETE DJ Jones, Dr. LOVE, The Dance Masters,  The Hudsonic Sound & Light Show, QJ Mobile DJ Sounds plus the majority of mobile DJ's originated out of Brooklyn N.Y except Pete DJ Jones who originated out of the Bronx. and JAMM MASTER J = Who Eventually Turned Into RUN -D - MC


  Yes The WEbMAster Randy Hudson use to truck JAMM MASTER J - in the early days of HIP HOP MUSIC every weekend to and from his weekend gigs after Hudsonics Mobile DJ Unit gave up doing mobile disco parties back during the late 1970's. I trucked JAMM MASTER J

RUN -D - MC's disco equipment for over three year's to all of their weekend disco parties with his fourth co-partner Gerard who was a professional NYC MTA train engineer that drove the L.I.R.R and Metro North Trains both came out of The Far Rockaway N.Y.C.H.A Projects. JAMM MASTER J - from the beginning always wore his trade mark RUN- D - MC Black Stetson Hat, Black leather Jacket Sports Coat  and White ADDIDAS Sneakers right from when I first met him with his gold rim glasses later on he got contact lenses which would coin his global trade mark image the world would come to know. Run and DMC would always meet us as we pulled up in front of the disco and they would help unload and at the end of the party help to load the equipment back into my van then take the train or bus home. Gerrard the fourth partner stayed with the group until he got his new job as train engineer driving the MTA LIRR train. Gerrard use to go straight to work after I dropped both of them off in Far Rockaway. Gerrard owned half of the stereo equipment and JAMM Master J owned the other half of the disco amps and speakers.


The last time I saw both of them together Gerrard had to quit because he admitted he fell asleep while driving one of the NYC MTA LIRR Trains with a full load of passengers on board. Gerrard was a great guy, lucky for him, he woke up just in the nick of time otherwise you would have seen the train crash on the evening news back in the 1970's. That's when Gerrard quit Mobile DJ'ing and that was the last time I ever saw Gerrard and JAMM Master J - together. JAMM Master J when I trucked him he had a very thin face similar to mine and wore gold rim glasses all of the time. A number of year's went by and when I heard of RUN- D MC and JAMM Master J's name on TV I wondered if it was the same JAMM Master J I use to truck ? When I saw them on TV for the first time after 3 year's, I could not recognize JAMM Master J - because his face had gotten fatter and he was now wearing contact lenses it was only after JAMM Master J got shot, that's when I saw DJ Smitty who was part of the Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y Dance Masters Mobile DJ group blasting out of the Van Dyke Projects in Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y from back in the days. It was then DJ Smitty told me that JAMM Master J was the same JAMM Master  RUN-D-MC DJ Crew I use to truck back and forth for over three year's !


Oh my GOD I said that blew my mind right out of socket. I said { { { SAY WHAT } } }, Oh my GOD, Smitty do you realize that I missed the whole DEF JAM HIP HOP Recording Era Experience. Yes GERRARD, JAMM MASTER J and I had gotten very tight while I was trucking them to and from their Disco Parties. JAMM Master J - would have "definitely" have put me down right square in the middle in the heart of one of the " HOTTEST Music Trends in the music industry since the Beatles landed in America and I would have made alot of money side by side with them ! Yes I definitely missed that boat and it hurts every time I think of it and all of this happened because I lost contact with them, and could not  hook up with my friend, " JAMM MASTER J "  ! 


Read more about my friend JAMM MASTER J








{ { { SAY WHAT } } }  Yes, It's True During The 1970's



                  ---= IN HIS - FUTURE SHOCK VAN =---


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The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects FAMILY DAY MAIN SPONSOR Since The 1970's


WEbMAster Randy Hudson , was born and still resides within East New York [ENY] Brooklyn and is committed to making a real difference in the world. His advanced computer hardware, software programming skills, and powerful entrepreneur business administration, marketing, business proposal writing, networking, advertising, e-commerce, computer 3D animation, and web site building knowledge provides the community with a unique one of a kind man that is NYC street savvy, and college educated person to network with. I have been carrying on " The DREAM " that Martin Luther King spoke about since 1975, and for others who's names may not be known who gave their lives so I could have freedom today away from slavery and I personally feel an obligation to pass it on to the unborn who will never know my name and a constant need to give back so others in the future can enjoy my contributions to MLK's dream of being free by owning their own business in America and enjoying the equality that Martin Luther King gave his life for.


My integrity spells out quality in the "first degree", which most Americans have long forgotten. I'am spiritual and not religious and have been blessed with talent you cannot buy in the local store called Insight, Foresight, Ethics, Common Sense, Dignity, Morality, and Respect for others no matter what color they are. I’ am The CEO of The Federally Registered Hudsonic Showstopper Production Organization [A NYS Registered 501 C-3 not for Profit Corporation] with a 35 year track record of accomplishment. I have been providing Youth Empowerment Educational, Cultural Entertainment Shows. Drama Plays, Sports Recreational Programs, and The Annual SHOWSTOPPER Summer/Winter Athletic Basketball Tournament Games for NYC area youth for year's. I organized 40 volunteers from the ENY neighborhood I live in and then together we went and reopened  JHS I.S 218's After School Center located at 370 Fountain Ave Between Blake and Dumont Avenue's in ENY Brooklyn N.Y Area from 1991 - 1995, The school was closed for over 25 year's to the community  before we reopened it to the community. We sponsored bi-weekly STAR SEARCH Talent Shows and called it Cypress Theater From 1991 - 1995 our events showed off amature talent from the tri state NYC area similar to Harlems Apollo Theater Amature Night Shows on a consistent back to back basics that have not been topped within ENY Brooklyn N.Y since 1995. Tens of thousands of people have attended my professional programs through the year's which have become some of their greatest rocking chair memories. I wrote the main proposal back in 1993 that brought the Police Athletic Leagues { PAL } Summer Play Street Program into Cypress Hills Park and managed the program for one year. The program returned annually each year to The Euclid Ave Park by Blake Ave within the ENY community but sadly in 2008 PAL chose to close it because they are now running the JHS 218 after school center near by that we in the community reopened after I experienced a hole in my lung and almost died, that is how I lost control of JHS 218's after school center and not because I did not know what I was doing, I just wanted to make that clear.


I have sponsored the annual Family Day Event once a year { View Family Day Pictures } since the 1970's inside of The Same Euclid Avenue Park surrounded by The Cypress Hills Projects and made it a house hold name through out NYC. The same 40 Volunteers from the neighborhood that helped me to open Cypress Theater on Saturdays at JHS I.S 218 from 2-6 P.M together we provided live Drama Plays and Cultural Entertainment Talent Shows through a Federal HPD & N.Y.C.H.A Drug Elimination Program Grant for the community. As an community organizer/sponsor and business owner, we do the right thing for the community because, it is the right thing to do period . Nobody seems to care any more, that is why I do what I do, I can't change the world but the youth of tomorrow I come in contact with they will feel the need to puff their chest out with pride, witness and experience our positive alternatives through examples, deeds and not by words.    [ TOP  ]


 As We Have Grown  


               We have sponsored and organized Disco Parties on our own, provided large Indoor and Outdoor Cultural Entertainment Shows, Concerts, Drama Plays, and Athletic Basketball Sports Tournaments with The Police Athletic League, and The NY Jr Knicks Basketball Tournament Leagues. We Sponsor The Summer  SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Sports Tournaments Games inside of ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn and in 2004 moved the games indoors to The JHS 275 PAL Beacon Program inside of Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y. In l99l over 50 people were killed inside of my N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hill Housing Projects inside of East New York Brooklyn N.Y USA by the same drug dealing gangs, I was about to sit down alone with and talk to as Chairman of The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hill Housing Projects Drug Elimination Program.


I individually sat down and spoke to " The A-Team, B-Team, and C-Team Drug Dealing Gang Leaders  “. The gangs operated within my housing authority facility from the 1980's - 1990’s. It took me awhile, but I finally reached an agreement with all of the gang's that no Shootings or Drug Dealing would occur inside my JHS 218 program. Some local community leaders disagreed with my methods, but you must admit, drug dealers are residents too, no matter what you personally feel about them, if you don't include them within the planning ? Then havic will ensue due to lack of communication and they will not want to talk to you being that you disrespected them, by not talking to them in the beginning before you started in the HOOD they controlled ! That is when you will start having real problems with the gangs just because they felt " LEFT OUT " of your community activities and that is when you will start to have real problems with the gangs due to lack of communication and major disrespect !


Having the green light I then proceeded to write the program proposal that reopened JHS I.S 218’s as CYPRESS THEATER Cultural Entertainment Talent Shows and, The Educational Program Proposal was called The Each One Teach One Program. We operated the program on Saturdays from 1 - 6 P.M for 2 Year's and we then went on to open up The JHS 218 After School Centers Gym for 4 Year’s without having any drug dealing, gun shots fired, anyone stabbed, robbed or rapped within our ASC { I'm very proud of that }. It just shows when NYC people say it cannot be done it just shows that they do not have the heart and the right stuff learned in the HOOD streets to make the miracle happen. I operated the facility along with 40 community volunteers, I recruited these volunteers on a continuous basics some were former drug dealers who never volunteered before within their own community and admitted it changed their lives forever and revealed that they now found the fountain of youth in their life under The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects [CHP] Drug Elimination Program. {DEP] " YES ", I was Chairman of The Board presiding over an organized committee as a ENY front line trench solider dispelling positive energy and boldly marching over all of the bad predictions our detractors said, could never happen in the neighbor-HOOD with my muddy boots ? 


The board came to life and we made mission impossible a possible mission happen inside of one of the worst N.Y.C.H.A. Projects inside of NYC and mind you what I did inside of ENY Brooklyn N.Y USA ? Could be done anywhere in America if you are bold enough, have the heart to do it and do not quit. When the N.Y.C.H.A {DEP} pulled their money out without giving us advanced notice due to N.Y.C.H.A. Administrative procedure rule changes against utilizing Bd of Ed School Facilities. The Hudsonic Organization kept the flow going on without missing a beat and, "without any type of external public funding their after", the money then came straight out of my own pocket and I was almost " BROKE " no one knew that doe I usually kept a smile on my face cracked alot of jokes and made like everything was taken care of in the first degree ! At our cultural entertainment talent shows where 1000's and 1000's past through. 100's of residents in the community now started coming out and wanted to be part of what we were doing, volunteering in the HOOD was now open season in the HOOD ! It really blew my mind, I said to myself what am I going to do with all of these people ? I did not plan to start a revolution, but I guess, that's what it was.


If we were back in the 1960's and if J. Edger Hover was still The FBI Director in office ? I definitely would have been labeled a trouble maker and placed on the FBI's 10 most wanted list and if we were back in the day's of slavery I definitely would have been one of the strange fruits swinging from a tree, neck broken and BAR-B-QUED, with a rope around my neck and DEAD as a door nail, I'm not a racist or hate anyone, and Please don't call me a leader ? I'am just a guy who was sitting around on a




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The First African American Ladies Head Band Manufacturer  


                   The substantial amount money that came out of my pocket to operate the after school center when The N.Y.C.H.A DEP Program pulled its funding, came from when I was manufacturing Ladies Head Bands during the 1980's. Ladies if you brought a ladies headband out of any Brooklyn N.Y area Grocery Store, Hair Parlor, Drug Store, or corner convience store inside of Brooklyn New York. You were buying Randy Hudsons Manufactured Ladies Headbands. I'am proud to say I was the only African American Ladies Headband Manufacturer in history. I was the only one competing against local and foreign NYC Korean manufactures and I won big time. Just as fast as the fad started it stopped the next year otherwise I would have been a multi-millionaire today this can be verified by The Arab Grocery Store under The New Lots IRT #3 Train Station where the MTA #15 Bus stops in front of on New Lots and Ashford Street, Tony's Grocery Store located on 1157 Sutter Ave between Fountain Ave and Logan Street, Lawrence Pharmacy  at 740 New Lots Ave and Ashford Street Next To The New Lots IRT #3 Train Station  , KRUTICKS Pharmacy  589 - 97 Crescent Street and Sutter Ave in ENY Brooklyn { As of 2008 A new owner now owns Kruticks Pharmacy store on Sutter Ave and the original owner Mr. Nick Riccio has now retired } both Pharmacies today remain a current SHOWSTOPPER  Basketball Tournament Game Funding Sponsors directly because the new owner of Kruticks Pharmacy heard it from the former owner and he is about to sponsor our programs and New Lots Pharmacy remembers what I did and how much they profited off of my ladies headbands and the huge innovative entrepreneurial success that I accomplished manufacturing products as the only African American in history that ever provided a direct marketing, manufacturing, and distributing link to service all Brooklyn area retail stores with ladies headbands and I never missed a day and was always on time. I telling you this not to bragg, I just wanted to let you what type of person I'am.


I manufactured and sold ladies headbands during the days and continued to organize the Family Day Summer Events at night during the 1980's. Need convincing go walk in and talk to the store owners go talk to any of The Two Arab Brothers That Own both Grocery Stores under The New Lots IRT #3 Train Station where the MTA #15 & B-6 Bus Stop At they were little kids when I was selling to their father and now they are running both of the family Grocery Stores they'll validate my story also ask for Bob Owner of LAWRENCE Pharmacy one of the greatest white men I ever met in my entire life on this planet. It's not about ethic color ? It's about doing the right thing no matter what skin color you are, and most of all .....

" We Are All American's Period " !

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Chairman of The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects [DEP] Program 


        After The N.Y.C.H.A DEP pulled the program funding money out of JHS 218 with the same 40 community resident volunteers that I organized for the {CHP} {DEP}. Together we operated JHS 218’s After School Center with provided over 300 resident's a day within the {ASC} for the next 2 Years, our doors stayed open Monday – Friday 3 – 6 P.M daily nobody got paid and I’am happy to report local crime dropped 50% during operating hours in the area directly because of our {ASC} being opened Monday – Friday 3 – 6 P.M on a daily basics and we never missed one day. The JHS 218 school facility was originally closed for over 25 years to the Local ENY {CHP} Community until Randy Hudsons {Hudsonic Org} and the 40 community volunteers took matters into their own hands. We plowed the path so that The New Fully Funded Safe Horizon Beacon Program funded by The NYC Dept of Youth Services with 3 MILLION DOLLARS could come into existence they took over where we left off especially after I got sick and almost died due to a embolism in my lung { Embolism means = Obtaining a hole in your lung cavity }. It took me over 4 year's just to recuperate from that embolism in my lung { Meaning - My Lung Popped Just Like A Balloon }.  I'm not looking for pity. These are the true facts of my life that is why we lost JHS 218. We almost turned it into a Beacon Program under The Hudsonic Org everything was ready including the program proposal I worked so hard on. The part that really hurts me was, The Safe Horizon Organization never hired any of the 40 community volunteer residents that originally help me reopen JHS 218's ASC. That hurt me more than the hole in my lung, and it depressed me for a long time as I laid there in the hospital bed and it still bothers me today when I think of it !


                Now  Like the Terminator In The Movie Says  " I'm BACK ", {SMILE } more educated than before !  I taught myself how to fix computers and I'am  now fluent in over 60 different computer software programs I do hardware installations, upgrading and I also want you to know that I did not lose JHS 218 due to the lack of innovative or creative ideas, nor from my educational knowledge just look at my Qualification Resume below. I just want you, the public to know the real true story because for what ever reason, others are spreading vicious rumors about me because they always wanted to do the things I already accomplished. Plus I got plenty of professional references that can validate what I'am claiming and that alone shoots their stories full of holes because ? I got verifiable references and they are making like they were the ones to setup and establish the type of community programming that we created that others could never do or figure out. But to do what we accomplished you need educational business knowledge, advanced computer skills, superior business networking connections, possess professional salesmanship and socializing skills and, a genuine love and respect for empowering people no matter the color, have an outgoing personality and, cutting edge innovative ideas to make any serious quality of life changes happen within any inner city community across America. All any organization had to do after I got sick and almost died was, turn the key and the program we helped to organize an create with the help of the entire community, ran into JHS 2l8's doors no matter what they say. Anyone or any organization after I got sick could have came along and took JHS 2l8 over.


Together the community and I, plowed the path, and all my detractors had to do was turn the key and our program ran inside. Safe Horizon Managers did not have to talk face to face with the local area drug dealers and establish a neutral truce zone, nor did Safe Horizon have the correct educational, sports, and cultural entertainment programs combined together within JHS 218 that our community truly needs that I can write business proposals, obtain funding, and operate. My problem is not with Safe Horizons Employees they are friends I grew up with. The problem was Safe Horizons area supervisor who must be totally afraid of competition especially from me I don't know why. Mr. Richard Harris Beacon District Area Supervisor is afraid I'll make him look bad, he say's "We don't want To Duplicate Services". That's strange, when Safe Horizon does not have the right services within JHS 2l8 in the first place to duplicate! That was so laughable because anyone will tell you that the Drama Plays and Talent Shows that we produced have not been topped yet on a  consecutive basics anywhere inside of ENY Brooklyn N.Y today. Especially when we provided different top draw amateur and professional cultural entertainment acts on a bi-weekly basics who appeared and performed live on stage at JHS 2l8 and they came from throughout the tri state area. Even doe Safe Horizon has a full $4 MILLION DOLLAR a year budget to utilize and my organization had very little funding money at all within its corporate bank account. It's ridiculous to think with my educational credentials that Mr. Harris would not allow the man who for 28 year's at that time made Family Day A High Profile Event within our Brooklyn N.Y USA N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects. I wrote the program proposal to bring The PAL Summer Play Street Program Into Cypress Park in ENY and created new Athletic and Cultural Entertainment Programs within The Cypress Hills Project Area a house hold name. It's unimaginable to even think Mr. Harris blocked the man who originally opened up the same JHS 218 School Facility that Safe Horizon use to reside in, after the school facility was originally closed to the entire ENY Cypress Hills Projects Community, for over "25 year's"! You would think Mr Harris would want me to be included in the new millennium and continue my work for resident's of ENY Brooklyn by forming an ongoing collaborative program agreement with me because most African American Men never do any type of community volunteer work at all within their own communities. Most just complain standing on street corners talking about all the problems they are now experiencing and never do anything about it. I personally think the man should be fired for complete lack of community organizing judgment. I'm a doer, an innovator, if their is a problem I fix it. With a phone call I could enhance, bring major publicity and attract major funding to and achieve bringing more vital programming dollars into JHS 218 from current program  sponsors that my organization already possess from our SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournaments to increase the quality of life for all within my own community. Mr. Richard Harris Beacon ASC District Area Managers own jealous, and selfish ways temporarily cut off my entire community from major innovative change inside JHS 218's [ASC] Program. But by utilizing my web site which is one of the ways I will astounded Mr. Richard Harris and, because he never figured me to be a WEbMAster. I can now get the word out even further then he ever dreamed {Smile } and all of the area's movers,  shakers and resident's will be viewing my web site sooner or later {Smile } this news information shall go way past my own local ENY areas borders and like a shooting arrow whizzing through the air shall land right in Safe Horizons own corporate board members meeting room sooner or later {Smile } and I've only just begun.


I truly doubt it will change anything, Mr Richard Harris is not a man of inner vision or common sense he is a bureaucrat only able to do what he is ordered to do. Little does he know he is custodian of my dream of having an on going Beacon Program being operated inside of JHS 218 so in that sense, we're successful with decreasing area crime in our  community. My innovative web site proves the type of knowledge I could have taught to other local area residents within JHS 218's {ASC} Beacon Program. Dear ENY residents, Please let JHS 218's Beacon {ASC} Managers located at 370 Fountain Ave, Brooklyn N.Y ll208. Know about your displeasure because without competition ? Life would be very boring and I want you to know I LOVE Competition. I live for it "BRING IT ON " ! It is what makes life "FUN, JUICY, and INTERESTING" .......     


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Up Date On JHS 218  


            " HIP, HIP - Ho Ray " - Since December 1, 2004  Safe Horizon Org has been " KICKED OUT THE DOOR " ! Safe Horizon is a great HIV/AIDS Program but trying to operate a beacon recreational center " THEY JUST DON'T HAVE IT PERIOD " ! I wonder if it was my web site that had any thing to do with it  ? M-mmmmm ....... This is exactly what I said all along, Now PAL is operating the JHS 218 Beacon Program and they have a great structure how do I know ?  I worked for PAL as the first site supervisor when I first wrote the proposal back in 1993 to bring the PAL Summer Play Street Program into Cypress Hills Park [ Euclid Ave Park Location ] right by Euclid and Blake Avenue's in the ENY section of Brooklyn N.Y. The PAL program returns each year without me doing anything more, now kids in the community will always have something to do during the summer months with PAL. { Update PAL has cancelled the Euclid Ave Park program because they are now operating just down the street within the original JHS 218 ASC that we the community reopened }


     During the years, we have produced Multiple Large Outdoor Family Day Event's, Indoor and Outdoor Cultural Entertainment Shows combined with Educational Programs, Sponsored Athletic Sports Tournament Competitions for our organization and for The N.Y.C.H.A ENY Brooklyn Cypress Hills Housing Projects {CHP} Drug Elimination Program {DEP}. In 1993 I wrote the program proposal that brought The PAL Summer Play Street Program Into Cypress Hills Projects { Euclid Ave Park} that can be verified with PAL former Brooklyn district supervisor and now one of the top Major Managers inside of PAL itself Mr. Joe Lockran { Now Retired } Was The Former Brooklyn Administrator and Was Promoted To The Staten Island Area Supervisor of The PAL and has now retired. The PAL Summer Play Street Program has been dispanded since PAL took over JHS 218. Until 2008 The PAL Summer Play Street returned automatically each summer on its own to Cypress Hills Projects {Euclid Ave Park} during the months of July & August since 1992, not bad every thing has its time to run and end.


I'm very proud of what I did it still gives me goose bumps all over even today as I walk or drive by Cypress Hills Euclid Avenue Park in ENY Brooklyn N.Y USA. The program I helped to organiz has served thousands of ENY area kids since l993 keeping them out of harms way and involving them in positive constructive activities during the hot summer month's during school vacation break. Certain things "Money Just Can't Buy" and this is one of those great things that I will never forget and that will go on to become ? One of my greatest, rocking chair memories in the future.  .     


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Chairman of The Board of The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge {LAWB } between The BMT L & IRT #3 Train Reconstruction Project


                     Mr. Hudson is currently Chairman of The Board of one of the largest MTA transportation improvement projects in the decade of 2000 within Brooklyn started by: The United Community Day Care Center. As of 2006 The United community Center transferred the entire IRT #3 protest over to The Hudsonic Organization. The designated  construction zone and area improvements is located within ENY & Brownsville but will benefit all NYC MTA Passengers being that The New Coney Island redevelopment plan has now been approved as of November 2009. The Transportation Improvement Committee spearheaded by The Hudsonic Organizations MTA Signature Petition utilizes Madison Avenue innovative marketing and advertising methods to achieve its long range future goals.


Mr. Hudson The WEbMAster as of September 2005 The United Community Center { UCC } located at 613 New Lots Ave Between Schenck & Hendrix Streets in ENY Brooklyn [718] 649-7979 with CEO Mr. Mel Grizer, we formerly worked with Community Coordinator Ms. Vanessa Plasencia, and with Ms. Jessica Arsenal .of { UCC } began the IRT #3 Campaign, and now { UCC } has relinquished control of the entire IRT #3, BMT L Train, and The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge {LAWB} Free Fare Transfer Point Signature Petition and Transit Committee due to budget issues to The Hudsonic Organization which now presides over The entire IRT #3 Transit Campaign Committee. Major political figures involved are ENY City Councilman Charles Barron Brooklyn Borough President  Marty Markowitz Office and if you don't know Borough President Marty Markowitz is The Man Who Created " The Martin Luther King Concerts In Flatbush  and The Coney Island Seaside Concerts Which Operate Within Coney Island During The Month's of July and August Every Year  ". The concerts have been operating for approximately 19 Year's, a proud achievement that I admire Mr. Markowitz is an outstanding role model to me and continues to be a major force that has almost single handedly has revitalized Flatbush and Coney Island Brooklyn through his  " The Martin Luther King Concerts ".  Also on board is ENY City Councilman Charles Barrons Office a well known long time NYC Community and Political Activist, Assemblywoman Inez Barrons Office, The Straphangers Campaign, The Environmental Justice Committee, Community Board #5, and Brownsville Community Board #16, Head Of The NYC Council Transportation Committee - Former NYC Councilman John Liu Together Our Goal Is To Improve Conditions On The MTA's IRT #3 Shuttle and Also open the LAWB Free Fare Transfer Zone. We currently have over 6,000 signatures and we need your individual help so e-mail your ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y USA Political Leaders and tell them what's on your mind and after view our LAWB Video on the same page. Brooklyn residents need a third express track between The New Lots and Utica Avenue Train Stations on the IRT #3 Line similar to the MTA's BMT J Train Lines third express track because new homes have been built and  more people have moved into our neighborhood so when MTA has to do track maintenance their will be two tracks that can still be utilized.


We also plan to connect The MTA's Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge {LAWB } between The BMT L & IRT #3 Train Lines to establish a Free Fare Transfer Point between trains through ENY & Brownsville Brooklyn  [ View Map ] . Our goal, we were able to get new train stations for the community from New Lots Avenue to Sutter Avenue's and obtain new security fencing along the whole perimeter. Thanks to ENY City Councilman Charles Barron Office, Former NYS Assemblywoman Diane Gordon and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Office. We still want The NYC MTA to improve area lighting, area security, add an overhead weather proof canopy over the bridge, split the bridge into two separate passage ways. One side for local pedestrian traffic crossing the bridge from ENY into Brownsville Brooklyn, and the other side for MTA passengers transferring from The BMT L Train to The IRT #3 train Line, along with adding two handicap elevators one on each side of the bridge for the Handicap and Senior Citizens to cross the bridge or to gain access to the IRT #3 and BMT L Train Stations. Our improvements shall increase continuity within the entire NYC MTA system, speed up service, and establish a normal free fare transfer point at a " 50 Year Old Unconnected MAJOR Transportation Point ", within the borough of Brooklyn for all NYC residents to utilize in the future.


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Yes, The Hudsonic Organization is currently organizing its SHOWSTOPPER SUMMER/WINTER Basketball Tournaments and their is still time to be part of it. Games are for Males and Females Bantums ages, 8 - 11, Junior 12 - 15 and Seniors 16 and Up Yrs Old and Up, The Summer Games will start  [ CALL FOR DATES & TIME SCHEDULES. Also Sponsors Attended Closing Award Ceremonies & Cultural Entertainment Show Its FREE !


                                          VIEW ONE OF OUR FORMER SUMMER TOURNAMENT LOCATIONS



IN THE PAST WE UTILIZED BOTH LOCATIONS ABOVE FOR OUR SUMMER GAMES: JHS 275 AND P.S/ I.S 323 BEACON PROGRAM, LOCATED AT 210 CHESTER STREET, BETWEEN SUTTER & BLAKE AVENUE'S IN THE BROWNSVILLE SECTION OF BROOKLYN N.Y. Watch For Our New Summer Games Sign Up Date Coming Soon And Get Ready To Mark That Date Down On Your Calender When Announced. Come Down and Check Us Out Place Your Name On Our E-mail List Now For Other Upcoming Games.


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We are negotiating for a new location where, we will have more control over the location and be able to continuously run back to back tournament games weekly and have our monthly closing trophy award ceremony. Yes, we will be combining professional cultural entertainment talent shows each month for you that will be broadcasted on cable TV, so bear with us, that is the hold up. We want more control over our location space and this time when we crank up. You will realize the wait was well worth it and from then on your going to be proud that we represent empowering you. Remember Educational Knowledge is The Key To = Wisdom, Power and Understanding Straight Out Of The neighbor-HOOD ", Organized Just 4 You ! Yes, we are coming at you live with prime time information you can use year round just by viewing our  web site today.

Program Sponsor List - No Other Tournament Inside NYC Has What We've Got - It's Called Style and Pizazz


           The Hudsonic Organization has sponsored, organized, and promoted special events with. The WBLS 107.5 F.M and 98.7 KISS F.M Radio Stations JAM VAN, and The WBLS SURESHOTS Basketball Team Games Complete With WBLS Quite Storm DJ Vaughn Harper, Brought 98.7 KISS F.M DJ RED ALERT and VIDEO MUSIC BOX MC SAD SAM To JHS 218 Back In 1993 During School Hours and 




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For Over 35 Years as we have grown we have organized funding sponsors, combined, and presented special events with professional businesses and educational sponsors like. McDonalds, Burger King, The Brooklyn & North Shore Bottling Companies Bottlers Of SQUEEZER Fruit Drinks and TROPICAL FANTASY SODA, Kentucky Fried Chicken, MODELLS, Lindenwood Diner, GALAXY Diner Restaurant, DAVE’S West Indian Restaurant, Dells Liquors. Feliciano Properties Real Estate, Ellison Youth Inc, KRUTICKS Pharmacy,  Lawrence Pharmacy Serving ENY For Over 42 Year's, N.L Clinic Pharmacy, DOMINO’S PIZZA, DUNKIN DONUTS, DAYTOP,  ARTC, JUNIORS/WESTERN BEEF SUPERMARKETS, BOGOTA BROWNSVILLE CONSUMER SUPERMARKET, D.L Blaine Electric– The #1 Major African American MTA Electrical Minority SUBWAY Contractor In NYC History, Dentist Dr. Pati Serving ENY for Over 30 Year's, LAUNDRYLAND,  VITAMIN WATER, CIRCUIT CITY ELECTRONIC STORES, Police Athletic League, LIVE Stand Up COMEDY {ENYCE} @ The Linden MultiPlex Theater With BET TV's Former Video DJ A.G White, NYS Senator John Sampsons Office, Former: ENY State Assemblywoman Diane Gordons Office, ENY Community Board #5, ENY City Councilman Charles Barrons Office, Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y City Councilwoman Ms. Darlene Mealys Office, ENY State Assemblyman Darryl Towns Office, Local Store Owners, Numerous Private Corporations, School News Nationwide - Mr. Bill Tingling CEO, Consolidated School Bus Company, Sponsored, organized, and promoted special events such as The WBLS 107.5 F.M Radio Stations JAM Van, and The WBLS SURESHOTS Basketball Team Games Complete With WBLS Quite Storm DJ Vaughn Harper, Sponsored 98.7 KISS F.M DJ RED  ALERT and The JAM VAN, VIDEO MUSIC BOX VJ SAD SAM To JHS 218 During School Hours and “THE KIDS LOVED IT”! So join us and Other Not for Profit Organizations Since 1975.


Their Is Only One Real NYC Showstopper Basketball Tournament Operating Since 1975


Remember if The WebMaster Randy Hudson is not on location where the tournament is operating. Then its not a genuine Hudsonic Showstopper Production Organization Showstopper Basketball Tournament with over 30 major corporate sponsors that stick like glue to us directly because of my multi dimensional educational business talents that I command. It has been brought to my attention that their are others in Manhattan and Queens trying to imitate what I do and trying to capitalize on what took year's for me to build. I do the all of work I write all of the the business proposals, do the marketing, built the web site, shoot the videos and take the pictures, walk the walk and talk the talk. I'am a Platinum Madison Avenue Marketing Machine by myself. Dear pretenders Thank You for letting me know what I do is truly unique. You know your good when someone else tries to duplicate your services, duplication is the greatest form of flattery, problem is? Their tournament is not real unless I authorize and place their name on my or Hudsonic Org web site they are imitators trying to duplicate the kings throne that I built over time because they do not own all of the real educational talent to do it for themselves.


Remember their will always be imitators but only one real NYC  Showstopper Basketball Tournament with over 30 major corporate sponsors involved started by the WEbMAster Randy Hudson. I have been operating Showstopper Basketball Tournaments Since 1973 and have thousands to attest to my credibility I do not have to lie, cheat or steal anything from anyone in the world because I own all of the business Platinum Madison Avenue Marketing talent to make anything I want in the world appear in life because I'am a business major, a computer program developer and a graphic artist. Make sure you hook up with the real McCoy, and don't get conned by a May-Doff impersonator. View my web site and if their name is not posted on my web site ? Then ask for your money back you are being conned by Mr May-Doff himself because they want what took me over 35 year's to build over night and choose to ride off of other peoples history and hard work.


Imitation is The Sincerest Form of Flattery Thank You For Documenting That

You Know Your Really Good

When Others Try To Imitate You


Call our office to verify if their tournament is real 212-631-4218 or E-mail us by

                     Clicking the basketball image    



                   Born, raised, and still a proud resident of  ENY Brooklyn ! ! !


 35 Years, That's Right I Do All Of The Computer Work, The Organizing, Write The Business Proposals, Recruit The Sponsors and Lasso The Other Paper Work, I'am A Work-A-Hallic and That's Why You Can Feel Confident When You Work With Me You'll Know That You Are Dealing With

" The Real McCoy " !


 Qualification Resume



The Hudsonic Org Was Put Together To Specifically Empower Others Living Within Our NYC


Community. I Walk By Faith and Not By Sight, God Has Blessed Me With An Over Abundance of


Raw Talent, Wisdom, Resourcefulness, Common Sense, Spiritually,


Perseverance and Educational knowledge.


Action :  Speaks Louder Than Words, and My Track Record Speaks For Itself !     

                       That is why you should feel comfortable donating to The Hudsonic Organizations Programs ? We have sponsored special events for year's. Doing business with,  Hudsonic Org or joining our new entrepreneur business club or discussion forums room programs. As you can see I'am a ENY Brooklyn resident that is capable of pulling all that I say together and guiding you right into the heart of The New Millennium. With my 18 year's of advanced computer knowledge,  35 year's of business education, combined with my other raw skills and talent your in good hands ? So start updating your old thought patterns right now so you too can look forward to making a difference in your neighbor-HOOD..


                                     I possess a 35 year verifiable track record of honor, respectability,  and accomplishments that goes far beyond the call of positive community duty. My positive event's can be proven by tens of thousands of NYC resident's, numerous high profile creditable political references, CEO's of  major global fortune 500 corporations, many local small business owners and numerous residents in and outside of NYC across the tri state area since 1973.


“ Welcome To The New Millennium “

          In community organizing utilizing Platinum Madison Avenue Business Marketing Technics brought down to the community level. Help us to educate our  neighborhood communities online so residents can learn how to become self sufficient by making money buying and selling products online to help decrease the high unemployment rate within their own communities !


           It is hard to tell the real positive people on earth from the screwballs and May-Doff's who RIP people off. If someone has participated in the civil rights struggle of the 1960's educated, empowering the youth, and increasing the quality of life for any NYC resident in and outside of his own community and, has been doing the same thing repeatly since 1973 ?


Then I think he's for real ...........

“ Martin Luther Kings Dream Is Alive and Well "

Right Here

Help Us By Donating Funds, Products, and Services,

Participate and Help Us Grow

Even Bigger and Bloom Like A Red Rose In The Garden Of ,

“ The New Millennium “ !

Call Us: 212-631-4218

Our Hudsonic Organization Is Registered With The NYS Attorney Generals Office and

Has been funded numerous times and

Please Remember That Education, " Is Your Best Defense Against Poverty " !


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