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This Is A True Story

  1.  In Memory of My Friend JAM MASTER J & Gerrard of Run D MC Rap Group on DEF Jam Records

      MEET JERROD OF RUN D MC >>>>>>  

  1.  The WEbMAsters Old Future Shock Van - The Van The Made " THE KINGS OF RAP " Into A House Hold Name " !

  2.  Eddie Rivera's I.D.R.C Record Pool - The First Record Pool On Earth That Made History
















          This Is A True Story




          During the 1970's - Randy Hudson owner of www.bigtimebiz.biz and The Hudsonic Organizations - SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournaments use to operate his own moving business and one of the most famous and consistent customers I was trucking weekly was, " The DJ JAMMERS Group " ! They eventually changed their DJ JAMMERS GROUP Street Name into " RUN-D-MC " ! Eventually they started receiving more and more publicity attention and notoriety directly because I use to pick them up and deliver their group to the Nell Gwynn's Disco Gig on time every time without fail. When I first went to pick the DJ Jammers Group up, none of them dressed alike and then one day without notice when I went to pick them up one Saturday night ? All four of them were standing there out side The Far Rockaway Forty Projects wearing the same exact clothes, this was the first time I ever saw all of them together sporting their new KOOL " RUN D MC " Look. There they were standing there all coordinated and chilling out with their Black Stetson Felt Hats, Black Leather Sport Jackets, Black Dungaree Pants and brand new White Adidas Sneakers it was one of the few times I trucked all of them together to their NYC Nell Gwynn's Gig.

        Little did I know this was now going to become The Official RUN D MC Fashion Gear and Global Trademark look that would help them, bust through ceilings, knock down doors, shake up the world and create millions of screaming fans and many fashion imitators along the way around the world as they sported Those Big Thick Gold Gleaming Du-Key Chains around their necks that started - BOO-Ya-aaaaa, The NYC/USA African American East Coast Gold RUSH Neck Chain Fashion Style - Straight Out of The HOOD.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }   


           Thanks to The A Team TV Show with Mr. T and RUN D MC the Jewelry Business inside of  New York City and throughout the rest of the USA took off like never before. More and more young African-American brothers and sisters caught the gold rush fever by buying and wearing Those Big Thick Du-Key and Smaller Gold Chains around their necks identical to the ones that RUN D MC and The A Teams Mr. T were now wearing around their own necks. After that every one in the world started mixing,  matching and wearing different size gold and silver chains and it definitely was the beginning of the NYC/ USA African American Gold Rush Fever Connection. Never before did so much Gold Jewelry quickly sell out of each NYC Jewelry Store on a daily basics in such a short time. Fir the first time Gold Fever raged on the open jewelry market within The United States which lead to a new trend setting fashion that evolved around the world.   


            Each weekend I use to pick up Gerrard and JAM MASTER J by themselves from Far Rockaway Queens. Their first DJ group was known as " The DJ JAMMERS " !



The 4th Member Of RUN-D-MC The Man Most People Never Knew Existed was named Gerrard. Gerrard died back in the 1970's as far as I know, but what fun we all of us had together ! I trucked both of them back and forth to their weekly Friday & Saturday Night Nell Gwynn's Party Gig in Manhattan NYC. We traveled from The Far Rockaway NYCHA Forty Projects to The Nell Gwynn's Discothèque on the corner of E 42nd Street and Park Avenue inside of NYC right across the street from Grand Central Station each weekend for over 3 year's. The former Nell Gwynn's Disco use to be located in a huge office building on the corner of 42nd Street & Park Avenue. The building was demolished back in the early 1970's, today new building stands on the same lot without the Disco being located on the corner. Other famous DJ's I use to truck were  DJ Scooter The Mix Master before he got big with a major gig at WBLS 107.5 playing The Friday & Saturday Night House Party Music Mix live on the air. I trucked The Dance Masters out of The N.Y.C.H.A Van Dyke Projects In Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y, Dr. LOVE Mobile DJ Unit Out of Brownsville Brooklyn NYC, Chango The Drummer With The Band Called Creative Touch Out of Brownsville's Van Dyke Projects In Brooklyn NYC who made the hit selling album,  " Working Up A Sweat Over You " !  I trucked Gloria Gaynors Band to and from NYC to a major gig at Virginia State University as she made music history along with 100’s of other top DJ’S and music bands to many to name when R & B & Disco Music was  in style and HIP HOP RAP Music was just a sperm cell back in the early day's of The Disco Boom in my fully customized ...........................


{ { {  FUTURE SHOCK VAN } } }


{ { {  BEEP, BEEP } } }


       I was fortunate to know and be close friends with one of the GREATEST HIP HOP RAP Music Recording Groups of all time every weekend in my FUTURE SHOCK VAN. Right from the start when I use to pick them up. I'd jump out of my Future Shock Van with a big smile, hand out ready to shake their hand just like a politician coming into the HOOD looking for needed votes during an election campaign.

Aa-aaaaaaaaa Yeah BABY, What's Up Fellers, Gave them the old 1, 2, 3 POWER To The People Hand Shake, and always sealed the greeting, slapping them 5 and closed the deal with


             " Yeah-hhhhh Baby " ! " Nitty Gritty Time " !


“ Let’s Rock Yall “ !


               When I first met the DJ Jammers / RUN - D - MC RAP GROUP they were not well  known or a super famous RAP GROUP yet. Their they were RUN - D - MC all disfunctional trying to pull their Super Rap Group Show together an like a puzzle, trying to figure out how they could, some how bust through ceilings and knock down doors as they scratched their heads searching for new ideas to accent saying the word " Ha " ? I realized they were very serious about their night club performing act but, they lacked their own personal moving van and just could not get to the gigs on time. They told me about former night mares dealing with various shaky van owner drivers and unprofessional moving companies who either did not care if they arrived on time or did not show up at all and stole their money. Being that my background came from being a Night Club Mobile Spinning DJ, I personally remember when my group Hudsonic Inc went through the same thing they were now going through, trying to find reliable van owners and renting different vans that occasionally broke down on the road before I brought my own Chrysler 1971 Dodge Tradesman Van and Renamed It = Future Shock. Our Mobile DJ Group called Hudsonic Inc was organized back during the late 1960's and was able to make a NYC, Tri State area name for itself because in the entertainment business ? If you can't get to the gig with your live show on time, then what ever you're doing, " just didn't matter at all " ! Most people couldn't remember our Hudsonic Inc name and thought with the name we had thought we were a Jewish Music Band or something. Many people who saw our huge custom made mobile disco sound and computerized light show who could not even remember our name, some would say to others when discussing us would say ? You know, the Mobile DJ's, the guys with the disco light show if they could not remember our Hudsonic Inc name. So when I met the crew of RUN - D - MC history was about to be made, if they really could bust through ceiling and knock down doors they were about to get their chance to tear a riff in time and make history because. I guaranteed getting them to each gig on time,



Being on time, every time, has always been my nature and

When I do anything in life, I do it with a professional attitude and combined with

a touch of class. The only thing in life I plan to be late for in my life is ?

My own funeral, matter of fact if your there ?

I’am not showing up at all


{ { { Laughing } } }


Ok, Ok, you’ll be able to find me ?

{ Head Turning Right and Then Looking Left }

" I'll be " ?

On a beach catching a tan

In Aruba

{ { { Laughing } } }


Imagine A Black Man Laying On A Beach

Catching A Tan

" In Aruba " !

{ { { Laughing } } }






{ { { Laughing } } }


As we rode To The Gig

 I'd Heat'em Up and

Crack More and More of My Own

Special Type Of

Live On Stage - Comedy Central Jokes " Like " ?


A Man Going On Vacation

Was Scared To Fly ?

So He Took The Train,

Strange Thing Happened

The Plane

He Was Supposed To Catch ?

Hit The Train

He Was On !

 { { { SAY WHAT } } }   


{ { { Laughing } } }  


                I always crack a lot of jokes I always felt I was on stage anytime I drove my FUTURE SHOCK VAN with a paying customer in it. When I was growing up each weekend we use to have from 1 - 25 people hanging out in my apartment room when I was about 17 years old. We would be in the room from Friday - Sunday 1 P.M - 9 P.M especially during the winter month's it was Comedy Central Time and cracking jokes was the only thing we did all weekend long as we sipped on cheap Boones Farm Wine, Drank Reingold Beer laughed and enjoyed the passing moments in time listening to music like CHIC The R & B Singing Group Singing " These Are The Good Times ", JAZZ Music and James Brown - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag Song ! Yeah, we'd all tell rapid fire jokes one behind the other like shooting machine gun bullets that bounced all over the room all week end long. Word got around and we had a number of famous people drop by and hang out with us like Mel Davis from The N.Y Knicks, Stuey Bascom The lead singer from The R & B Singing Group Black Ivory and a number of other famous people whose names I can't presently recall because my " Boones Farm Wine Bottle " ? Stole all of the other names out of my head ?


{ { { Laughing } } }  



               Jokes still come naturally to me even today and that is how I gained everyone's respect living within East New York Brooklyn N.Y within my own NYCHA Cypress Hills Housing Authority Projects. I had a known comedian reputation round town that helped me to reopen JHS 218's After School Center Inside of ENY Brooklyn After 25 Year's of The After School Center Being Closed To Local Area Resident's ! We had many local resident's and all of the hardest street gang members in the HOOD who would shoot at each other every day on the streets outside of the after school center, but inside my JHS 218 After School Center we all respected each other and I kept them laughing and having so much fun they all forgot about killing each other until after 6 P.M when the center closed. Then the gang member's all went back to business as usual shooting and stabbing each other back on the mean East New York City Streets where murder was a common every day thing ! It was definitely one of the real true miracles that really did happen, not on 34th street as the movie would show, but an unbelievable real true historic miracle that really did happen inside of ? ENY Brooklyn every day " Straight Out of The HOOD Inside of NYC !


" It Just Proves That Nothing Is Impossible " !


         I'am proud to say that no one ever got shot, stabbed or beaten to death on my watch while attending my JHS 218 After School Center Program. I was always walking around the hood cracking jokes it was like breathing air to me and made me feel like a very rich man while living In The HOOD ! Being that their was so much fear and despair throughout the hood, jokes just come natural to me yes their were times shootings in the hood took place and unlike everyone else ducking ? I just turned side ways when the shooting started at point blank range walking between the two people shooting at each other in the hood and I never got hit by a bullet [ SMILE ].  Bing real skinny has its advantages especially when others are ducking all around you from bullets fired at them and they would wizz by me every time cause I was so skinny [ SMILE ] ! I would just turn sideways in heated point blank gun battles and walk through the two people firing guns at each other saying excuse me, excuse me, Thank You ! I calmly kept walking through as the bullets wizzed by me. Yes, the bullets were not ear marked for me but were wizzing close enough for me to read each guns bullet one bullett was made in China, the other guns bullet was made in Japan and I could also read the copyrights year and read the logo on each bullet as they wizzed by me, interesting ha [ SMILE ] ? Anyway that is another long true story I'll tell Ya bout later on, being skinny as a string bean sure has its benefits living in the HOOD when they start shooting bullets around you !


 { { { SAY WHAT } } }   


               Telling jokes comes natural to me I have written hundreds and hundreds of jokes but never really looked to go on stage at The Apollo Theater and make a career of it. My jokes kept Jam Master J and Gerrard rolling in their seats all the way from Far Rockaway to NYC and back to Far Rock from their gig each weekend they always had stomach cramps from laughing so hard at my continuous jokes. When we would get to the gig site J and Gerrard sometimes didn't know if they were going to be able to do the gig that night due to laughing at so many of my jokes. I always like to keep my customers happy and my socializing encounters lite, sweet, and juicy and leave you with a smile, plus it helped to keep the mu-la money  $10, $20, $30 ...... rolling in and moving right into my pocket by leaving a lighting super fast funny joke for the day behind me and leaving my customer to go get






{ { { Laughing } } }


             Most people when I greet them come walking at me with a big smile, matter of fact ? If I was a Dentist, I would be a super rich man today and have a lot of happy customers old pulled out loose teeth hanging out in a jar on a shelve in the kitchen because. A whole lot of people I knew when they approached me smiling ready 4 a new joke ? Needed some serious dental work when they approached and smiled at me


{ { { Laughing } } }


Remember I judge people by their Heart, Mind, and Soul and not by their appearance or because they needed some serious .....................


{ { { Dental Work } } } …….. { { { Laughing } } }  


               EVERY TIME I rolled up J and Gerrard were either sitting or sleeping on the street corner curb on top of their high powered Cerwin Vega Mega Bass Disco Stereo Speakers looking like two homeless men that just got kicked out of their apartments by their girl friends.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } } ,  { { { Laughing } } }


I would jump out Future Shock 'em and say,


Need a ride ?


{ { { SAY WHAT } } } ,  { { { Laughing } } }


                 I always use to tell them that joke just to crank the laughter up on a glad to be alive, star lit night. I picked them up at the curb and returned them to the same street curb, I would only pack and unpack the van because they chose my curb side discount budget rate. When I use to drop them off in the morning in front of their destination while charging them my curb side discount budget rate. I would some times tell them, did they need any extra wide sheet N.Y Times Newspaper Sheets to stay warm under, being that they now once again, looked like two homeless men getting ready to go back once again and live inside of their mega disco stereo speakers on the street corner curb in Far Rockaway Queens NYC after I dropped them off. I would always keep a couple of spare copies of The wide sheet N.Y Times Newspaper around like a blanket in the back of my van and waited for just the right moment to spring and crack a joke with them to hear laughter burst out in the night under a wolf howling moon as a super fine looking sister with a brick house body walks by.


Were Wolf of London Howling Sound = A-woo-ooooooooooo00000


                Feeling Sorry For Them, I'd pull out The Wide Sheet N.Y Times Newspaper and say to them as they were getting out the van ? Here fellers take some of these wide sheet N.Y Times Newspaper Blanket Sheets ? Here it'll help keep you warm inside of your Disco Speakers while living on the street corner till I get Back next Friday to pick you up again.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } } ,  { { { Laughing } } }


              The rest of the moving job was on them, but for me after the van was unloaded ? It was TALLY HO, and away we go, off to the races to get back home in Flatbush Brooklyn to my one and only True Love Eva Grant. If you met my Eva Grant you would have raced back home to her every day and night just to get at her. My Eva was A HEART STOPPING, HEAD TURNING, SUPER FLY, SHOWSTOPPING, SUPER STAR BLACK STALLION PHYSICALLY IN SHAPE African American WOMAN LOOKING LIKE RAPPER J Z's GIRL FRIEND BEYOND-SAY.


Were Wolf of London Howling Sound = A-woo-ooooooooooo00000



Whenever I looked at my Eva yes, I panted just like a DOG that could not catch his breath. My Eva could have gave BEYOND-SAY, a run for her money " ANYDAY, ANYTIME " !


              Eva was my best friend for over 35 year's and that is why I always had a crazy looking smile pasted on my face and why I never stayed to see any of The RUN -D- MC Shows. It was as The English Say, “ TALLY HO AND AWAY I GO “ and The George Clinton Atomic Dog came out of me " RUFF ", .............................






" RUFF "




             I flew home every time after dropping RUN -D- MC off 


[ Laughing  ]


= Just to get my hands on my =



I couldn't wait, my hands sweating, would quickly open and close, Yes I'd plum lose my mind every time around that girl, my eye's would budge and bug out of my head, saliva start dripping while white dried up cotton balls began to form on the side of my mouth, yes I'd turn into a complete lunatic around that girl wanting


MORE, MORE, and MORE " !


I'd  chase her around and around the apartment yes it was " BOOTY CALL TIME ", without dialing up the phone that was when ? Yes, I turned into a complete speed demon even The NYC Fastest Police Cars and Helicopters couldn't catch me I felt like Speed Racer At The Daytona 500 Races, just to get back home to be with my one and only Love Eva Grant to give me ?





Most of the time I'd go home to her or, onto the next waiting customer, with money in hand


" TALLY HO " !


{ { { SAY WHAT } } } ,  { { { Laughing } } }


Most nights I went directly back home to be with my one and only

Eva Grant and then she made me feel like I was a tube of toothpaste being squeezed and,




{ { { SAY WHAT } } } ,  { { { Laughing } } }


Business was always great and on certain nights customers waiting with money in hand would call me up. I choose to move them out of their homes, apartments, or it might be a Mobile DJ Group or a Music Band with equipment waiting for me to ………


“ Ride Them In Style “ !


By the time I first moved RUN-D-MC I had gone through about 750 - 800 clients that I had moved almost around the clock to some where within or outside of the NYC Five Boroughs. By the time I got to RUN-D-MC they were just another riding customer with dollars in hand for me. I'd put $5.00 in my gas tank and I could ride around NYC all day and night with my sup-up 225 six cylinder engine with deep roaring headers and side exhaust made my Future Shock Van stand out and roar yes I personally took apart and replaced the entire rocker arm, valves and replaced the motor head assembly to give Future Shock that extra pull and power.


" BEEP, BEEP " !


                 I always felt education was my best defense against poverty, being that I was born very poor. I figured if I gained the right educational knowledge to do what ever I needed to do. Then I could do and have what the rich and famous people had, but it would cost me alot less money to keep it, now I had a plan to fight against going to jail and staying alive in the city at the top of the world on the cold and wet, mean NYC streets. I took sheet metal shop classes, ceramic shop classes, blue print reading classes, jewelry making classes, machine shop classes, had electric shop class, print shop classes, music classes by being in the JFK centers dance band where I learned to play the trumpet in the JHS 218k JFK after school center in East New York Brooklyn N.Y along with Wayne Parris Trumpet Player in the Brass Construction Band and Music Writer Producer Randy Muller who played the Piano, Flute and is the Producer of BT Express, SKY and The Brass Construction Band. All of this happened as I attended the inner city school of hard knocks on a daily basics on the cold mean NYC Streets every day with a smile. Yes, I had every industrial shop class within NYC Board of Education Junior High School I.S 218k and when I graduated ? I went to Automotive High School until the 10th grade where I learned how to fix cars and trucks.


 { { { SAY WHAT } } }


                An automobile is not really that hard to fix and keep, automobiles are basically remove and replace parts that are cheap to buy and operate, " if you can fix them " ! But if you do not know how to fix them then it can be a very expensive venture to keep a car ? Let's say you need an alternator which is really a 12 Volt electrical generator that charges your car battery as you drive. Your cars alternator charges the car battery as the engine turns from the motors belt driven crank shaft pulley assembly that spins the fan blade which cools the water in the radiator as the fan blade spins. My Vans 12 V Alternator was a $35.00 replaceable part back in the 1970's, if you repaired it your self ? But if you did not know how to fix it, it may cost you any where from $300.00 - $400.00 just for labor charges alone plus the cost of the alternator car part too. You name it, I would try to fix or redesign it if I could anything I ever wanted to know about, I just picked up a book, read about it and then went out and did it, its what I like to call ? Attending the no non-sense hard core inner city HOOD survival 101 classes in order to maintain and survive The Mean NYC Streets on a daily basics ! Not knowing how to read, is like going to fish without a fishing hook on a fishing rod line.


 { { { SAY WHAT } } }


                I even designed and developed my own custom made orange visor for the front of my Future Shock Van that you see in the picture below which gave my van a serious real funky look. I rewired the vans electrical system, did the exterior paint job, pin stripe detailing, redesigned the front light assembly cut the round ones out and put the new square lights in, did the interior wood, upholstery work, added heavy duty 15 inch stereo bass speakers electric locks, heavy duty wiring and electric windows. I presently do the same thing today designing web pages/sites, and databases only now I do all of my designing work sitting at home in front of my computer plus I also build and update my own computers too. Like They Say,


" A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste " !

No I 'am Not A Genius

" Just A Guy Who Wants Nice Things " ?

" Who Can't Afford Them Period " !

{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


              Fixing up my van made more people want to ride in it and it kept MUCHO CUSTOMERS AND MONEY in my pocket and being single and with no kids I had a ball spending all the money. It was very easy for a poor boy like me from an ENY Brooklyn N.Y Area Ghetto to keep a super rich looking type of van that was fully customized with an automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, a 32 channel CB Radio, a radar scanner, front and back orange mud flaps, spare tire on the back door, black louvers over the back windows, tinted windows all the way around, a see through sun roof you could stand up out of in between the two front seats, a 15 Foot Orange long CB Whip Antenna on the back, a TV, a 15 push button airplane cockpit console that sat on top of the motor cover which controlled all the accessories like the Disco Tivoli lights seen on the back and front of alot of cars today and I had them in the back of my van recessed into the interior walls. Back then no one had Disco Tivoli lights in their car or van I got them because I was building Discos on the side and I was the only van that was customized with a 10 Way Chaser Tivoli Light Show and I had it in laid in between the dark blue naugahyde material in my van and when I turned it on with the music it made you feel like you were really in a Disco Night Club. I installed a green led clock into the switch board and a bendable night reading light also attached to the airline cockpit switch panel and everyone always said my interior looked more like a space ship with all the switches over head on the roof panel with the CB Radio over head and the 15 button switch panel that laid on top of the motor cover. All of the switches lit up, they all worked controlled something and at night it really did look like an airplane cockpit. I had a 100 watt stereo speaker system with pizo tweeters, mid range horns and deep 15 inch sub-woofer bass  system, a heater I could plug into an 120V electrical outlet, a hot plate, Ford Lincoln Continental 8 way heated electric seats, electric locks, electric windows, plus a second heater in the back of the van that ran from the front radiator underneath the van to heat up the rear of my van, their was a 12V electric tire air pump I used to raise the van up and down when I pumped up my Monroe Air Shocks, I could also pump up my tires and pump up my inflatable air mattress bed that I could deflate to load in cargo. My FUTURE SHOCK VAN had yellow lights up in the wheel welds under the van  highlighting and showing off my 15" wide oval tires and rims all the way around the van. I had four fog lights under the bumper that were very odd back then but when you see them today it is a common sight but back during the 1970's it gave FUTURE SHOCK that James Brown, Make It Funky Serious Look and when I pulled up where ever I landed everyone in site moved in one direction ? Towards my FUTURE SHOCK VAN to take a closer look and give me that old pressured lip down look and the thumbs up sign !


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


               I always kept my money maker clean and I took little yellow led lights and put it inside of my spring curb feelers that hung down low to the ground giving the van a look like cat whiskers moving up and down like birds wings nobody else had them because I made them by hand before someone else patented them and put them on store shelves. I had two more springing curb feelers which were attached to the orange roof spoiler which moved forward and backward as the van moved. At night especially on a dark highway hundreds and hundreds of people would race and keep up with me, giving me the pressured lip down look and shaking thumbs up hand sign and sometimes their passengers would place half of their bodies hanging out the windows yelling at me " YO ", with the shaking thumbs up sign as they passed and pulled away from me in the day or night. I looked like a space ship moving or landing as the crowd gathered around FUTURE SHOCK at night when I arrived or left with, " RUN-D-MC " ! I installed the Monroe super air shock suspension and my van could be raised or lowered as we rode by the push of a button, it rode just like a Cadillac over bumps with or without the cargo weight in the back and I rode FUTURE SHOCK in GQ Style for over 18 year's straight needless to say, I made my money back many times over from MY FUTURE SHOCK VAN, it was definitely a worth while investment and SUPER FUN TO DRIVE, if and when I felt a little down ? When I looked at FUTURE. SHOCK it always made me smile


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


All of us were just regular guy's holding down regular day jobs during the week and on weekend nights getting MOE MONEY, "living out our "


{ { {  SUPER STAR DREAMS } } }


            J was always an easy going guy and J always told me that his RUN DMC Show never really got on the road until I started trucking them and picking them up on time in


S - 1971 Black Dodge Van Called

FUTURE SHOCK That I Personally Customized

By Hand In & Out - Below.



Partying People  That Saw RUN - D - MC Perform - Cheered Us On

Each Night The Partying Crowd Stayed and Watched Us Pack Up The Van and Leave,

As We Drove and Disappeared Into, The Twinkling NYC Lights

Looking Like A Space Ship That Just Took Off From Earth

At 4:30 In The Morning

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[ TOP  ]

             always picked JAM MASTER J up on time, I was never late when I picked him up from his home in The Far Rockaway N.Y.C.H.A Projects along with his Mobile DJ Equipment and his Main Man Gerrard who owned half of the stereo equipment. I then took both of them up to Club Nell Gywnn's In NYC On E 42nd Street and Park Avenue where { Presently A new building now stands where The Old Nell Gwynn's Club use to be } RUN -D- MC performed regularly every Friday and Saturday Night on weekends. RUN and DMC were always on time they always met us outside of the club and helped us unload and load up the equipment when we were leaving. Gerrard was an Train Engineer Driving The Long Island Railroad Train for The NYC MTA at that time when I picked them up and took them to and from their gigs on time every weekend from Far Rockaway to NYC for three year's straight.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


              Because I was always on time RUN - D - MC, JAMM MASTER J and GERRARD started to get more, and more gig's and prime time influential bookings inside The Nell Gwynn's Night Club and that meant MOE MONEY, MOE MONEY for me. One day Gerrard realized he had to quit the group because he always went straight to work after their gigs and never got any sleep on Friday and Saturday gig nights. One day Gerrard fell asleep while driving the NYC MTA's L.I.R.R Train and he almost wrecked it. So Gerrard reluctantly made up his mind and quit the group because he could not get enough sleep after the gigs and because he had to support his family. That was when RUN-D-MC, JAMM MASTER J and Gerrard departed company and that was the last time I ever trucked them all together because JAMM Master J owned half and Gerrard owned the other half of the stereo equipment. J had to figure out if the group would be able to continue on and he said he would call me back, when he figured it all out, I told him OK at that point by then they had made a NYC five borough wide name for them selves. It was very depressing, it was like leaving family behind and not knowing when you would see them again, we were together for 3 year's each and every weekend FUTURE SHOCK never broke down on any trip I was hired out to do and back then I had no idea that they would one day make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at that time it looked like RUN -D- MC was about to give it up forever. It was a very sad moment for us all after the last stereo speaker came out of my van and hit the ground. So I hugged them both for about one and a half minutes held back the tears gave them the 1, 2, 3 POWER To The People Hand Shake said, LATER FELLERS, and drove off into the quiet salty smelling Far Rockaway white morning fog mist with tears in my eye.


Year's later I was watching TV and by that time RUN D MC and JAM MASTER J were now MEGA BIG TIME STARS. When I first met J he always wore thin gold rim wire glasses and was just as skinny as me. But when I did see him again on TV I first thought it was strange that another DJ inside of NYC was using the same JAMM MASTER J name, but I did not realize it was him being that he was now wearing contact lenses, his face and body got alot fatter and he had gained alot of muscle weight. It was only after he got shot and was buried. One day when I saw Smitty from The Dance Masters Mobile DJ Group on the street while we were talking and he told me about RUN D MC and JAMM MASTER J ? He told me they were now MEGA SUPER STARS and that it was the same mobile DJ Group that I had been trucking regularly to and from Club Nell Gywnn's Inside of NYC To E 42nd Street and Park Avenue back in the day's.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


              I was stunned, my jaw uncontrollably dropped open, its a good thing my teeth are all real because, if I had plastic false teeth ? They would have definitely fell out of my mouth and broke on the ground right there in front of me. Then people in the hood would have been yelling out to me when I walked by, "HEY", "HEY BALL-DY" and it wouldn't be because I just got a brand new ball headed hair cut. They would have started calling out to me as they started stooping down, pushing their head out in front of their feet  while moving their head slowly back and forth like a floating balloon in the wind and saying ? "HEY", "HEY - BALL-DY ",  " MUM IS THE WORD ", as they would laugh, tightly clasp, press and turn their lips inside out why ? Because I would have no teeth left in my mouth to talk with if I did have false teeth in my mouth, which I presently do not have, please do not mix up what I'am presently saying to you = LAUGHING = !. Without teeth you can not speak correct english and it would make it very hard to understand me and I would sound like a Music CD playing backwards going

A-ba,  A-ba, A-ba,


{ { { LAUGHING } } }


             That is when I realized, I could have been right in the middle of the whole DEF JAM Revolution. I do not know why, I'am guessing, but maybe J some how might have lost my telephone number, I don't know ? But if I knew it was the same RUN-D-MC Mobile DJ Group that I was originally trucking back and forth ? I could have called them up at Def Jam Records and JAMM MASTER J RUN D MC would have certainly allowed me to audition some of the 84 songs I had written over time being that my Mobile DJ Group called Hudsonic Inc was basically doing the same thing they were, being rented out for special event parties on weekends as Mobile DJ's way back before RUN D MC ever started and some times we would be in competition for some of the same party events contracts with. Mobile DJ Flowers, The Smith Brothers Mobile DJ Group, from the Bronx NYC USA Pete DJ Jones Mobile Group, QJ The DJ, DJ Tim, DJ Spenser Hayworth { NBA Basketball Player } DJ Tom Saverese, DJ Ray "Pinky" Velazquez, DJ Brother Ellis from Cypress Hills Projects { The Electronic Wizard}, DJ Reggie Wells who started spinning for WBLS 107.5 Radio Station, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five { Who went on to make a hit 12" Record Album Called The Message } DJ Magic who also started spinning for WBLS 107.5 Radio Station, who I knew when I was awarded a huge commercial disco lighting contract to redesign The Eclipse Roller Disco on Atlantic Avenue between Milford and Montauk Avenue's in the ENY section of Brooklyn N.Y across the street from White Castle The Hamburger Chain.

{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


            Their were many other DJ's from Brooklyn, DJ Scooter and The Dance Masters from Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y, Dr. Love Mobile DJ Unit, and from Flatbush Brooklyn N.Y USA MABOYA Mobile DJ Sounds. All of The DJ's I just mentioned were among the very first Mobile DJ's in the world that I knew of back in the day's doing major party gig's back to back every weekend way back during the late 1960's - 1970's which The HIP HOP RAP Music Trend grew out of. I'am quite sure their were other NYC Tri State Area DJ's who I did not know. but these DJ's were just some of the top booking Mobile DJ Groups inside of NYC five boroughs for night clubs and private parties that were continuously booked every weekend by The Raspberry Freeze Club, Club Nell Gwynn's, Club 45 Below, and The Horn & Harducts Club Restaurant Town Hill II, Club Serene, Mahogany, Brown Sugar, The SQUEEZE, The BADD ASS and many other NYC, Tri State Area hotels, private parties and nightclubs. Scratching grew out of MOBILE DJ'ing and CLUB DJ'S doing their thing on the microphone in the middle of the night. Watch this next video and you will see a tribute to JAMM MASTER J and how four different DJ'S have taken normal turntables and turned them into true instruments and made scratching and music blending into a legendary art form. YES IT, ALL STARTED ON OUR NYC STREETS WHERE NEW GLOBAL STYLES AND TRENDS ARE CREATIVELY BORN AND LEGENDS ARE  MADE EVERYDAY ..............................




            EXTRA EXTRA: Read About Trucking RUN-D-MC, The Kings of RAP How They Got Started On Weekends Back During The 1970's                                

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The Beginning of Eddie Rivera's I.D.R.C Record Pool

The Very 1st DJ Music Record Pool In History

I'am happy and glad that I was part of the most important time in music history the transition of R & B music towards HIP HOP RAP MUSIC. I was in the right place at the right time and placed right in the heart of the early Mobile Disco movement along with many other top well known Club and Mobile DJ's in NYC being that our group Hudsonic Inc was one of the lucky DJ groups to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and become a member of the very first music record pool in history. Better known as Eddie Rivera's I.D.R.C International Disco Record Center located on Broadway and 18th Street in NYC. I.D.R.C had Every, " I MEAN EVERY " Top NYC Area Club and Mobile DJ Group Unit from throughout the tri state NYC/NJ/Connecticut area. We met every DJ and I mean





{ { { Laughing } } }


               I.D.R.C had Richard Kazor from Studio 54, Larry LaVann from The Paradise Garage along with over 300 other top club and mobile DJ's from throughout The NYC Tri State Area. My group called Hudsonic Inc designed, installed and gave I.D.R.C its first truly unique custom built 10 way computerized chaser machine and chrome plated starburst light system which cost over $5,000.00 and was partly donated by Universal Lighting who we were independent lighting consultants and contractors for selling and installing disco lighting at night clubs, hotels and anyone else that wanted them. This how we were able to make it all happen Universal Lighting which was originally located on the Bowery in NYC and as all of us grew. Universal Lighting moved to Duane Street in lower Manhattan and really started to make a big dent in the business because we brought them big business from the bars and disco clubs through out the NYC ghetto areas. This is how we were able to  give Eddie Rivera at no cost a full 10 way computerized chaser light chrome plated starburst system at no cost which many clubs at that time did not have because it was a very expensive lighting system for any small businesses to afford and it was the center piece at all of The Main Recording Artist SUPER STAR Parties for every major record company label imaginable that we attended at I.D.R.C.


            We Partied with Melba Moore, Rick James, Bohannon, Vick Sue Robinson, The T-Connection, The Pointer Sisters and many other famous Music and Hollywood Movie Stars just to name a few,  Yes, their were to many to count most just stopped by but did not perform just to say they were at the number one historical Record Pool that shook up the music world.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


            Their were always gob's of expensive Mercedes, Jaguars, Ferrarie's, BMW's and Stretch Limo's always waiting outside of I.D.R.C when ever their was a SUPER STAR Party. No telling who you would bump into because many of the high profile people that attended tried to keep a low profile. Camera flash bulbs were always popping off like disco strobe lights adding to the parties atmostsphere of loud heavy sub bass woofers pumping, accompanied by super clear sparkling mid range tones and screaming clear high frequency notes. The lower Manhattan commercial loft area I.D.R.C was located in was slowly starting to become a residential area back then and no one complained about the super loud music or the huge amount of people that gathered on Broadway in front of I.D.R.C's Lower Manhattan Office location.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


              Eddie then did two live TV interview spots [ See video above ] and things really took off after that. Eddie Rivera was then hired by Radio Station 98.7 KISS F.M as a daily DJ Host due to the fact that Eddie was originally Club Ce-Soir's main spinning DJ located on North Moore Street in Lower Manhattan. Eddie was the Main DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights in the club. That's how Eddie Rivera commanded The #1 Hispanic Record Pool in the music business and built The Worlds First Record Pool Called I.D.R.C due to the record companies always asking him to audition their new record releases at Club Ce-Soir and provide over night feed back to let them know how the club crowd reacted to their newly released records that they gave Eddie the night before, free of charge.

The record companies got better feed back from Eddie Rivera then from the Record Stores, TV and Radio Stations, and that is how The Very First I.D.R.C. Record Pool in the world was born. Most people find it hard to believe that Eddie started the record pool in his own apartment on Attorney Street in lower Manhattan before he moved the entire operation to Broadway and 18th Street because it grew so fast.


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


              I accomplished all of this, blasting out of the 1960's before I met and started trucking RUN D MC due to my well known NYC Mobile Disco DJ and Disco Lighting Designer reputation that is how I got the job trucking RUN D MC through a reference directly from " The Brownsville Brooklyn Dance Masters Mobile DJ Group. I did all of this blazing out of the 1960's long before RUN D MC ever started Rapping on stage and I had a




{ { { AND - I MEAN EXCITING } } }


- E -


{ { { SAY WHAT } } }


Hey GERRARD If You Read This Page Or If Anyone Out There Knows Where To Find GERRARD The Original Fourth Member Of RUN D MC

Tell him to ................


 Randy Hudson -

Owner of The Future Shock Van

Who Rode RUN-D-MC To Weekend Gig's

It would be good to see him again. I was never late and RUN DMC started receiving more and more gigs directly because of me being on time every weekend to take them to and from,

Their Gigs At Nell Gwynn's On

42nd Street and Park Avenue NYC

This Is To You J, and RUN D MC

You Made It To

The TOP Of The World and Right Into

" The Rocking Roll Hall Of Fame "

" WOW " !



You Guys, Made My Future Shock Van

" Into An Historical Legend " !

  " RUN DMC, Gerrard and JAMM MASTER - J-jjjjj "

Yeah Baby ", Yo J, I can still see and hear you and Gerrard

Standing up out of my sunroof yelling out just like we use to do,

Screaming Out Future Shocks Window

While driving you home and laughing loud for everyone to hear


      " TOP OF THE WORLD MOM " !    

Laughing .........

" May Both of Their Souls, Rest In Peace "

See You On The Other Side - Fellows




Randy Hudson


            EXTRA EXTRA: Read About Trucking RUN-D-MC, The Kings of RAP How They Got Started On Weekends Back During The 1970's

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They Will Certainly Remember Me and My Future Shock Van 



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