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            After 45 Year's of seeing numerous vacant empty lots along Livonia Ave finally The Phase 1 construction project has begun to redevelop the area there is also a Phase 2 construction project in the works but no date has been given yet “ stay tuned “ ! After 14 Years The Webmasters Suggested Web Page Proposal Plan has now come full circle. Yes The New Livonia Commons Real Estate Project Is Now Being Built On Livonia Ave Within ENY Brooklyn. We never planned to develop the real estate project ourselves; we started out to improve service on The IRT #3 Line whenever MTA maintenance had to be done on the elevated tracks and also asked The MTA to reconnect The Livonia Ave Walkway Bridge [ LAWB ] and fix the train stations in our area with UCC former ENY Brownsville City Councilman Charles Barron and Former NYS Assemblywoman Diane Gordon. In the process we managed to get The BMT L Train Lines Livonia Ave Train Stations Token Booth House Reconstructed and all of BMT L Train Stations fixed From Sutter To New Lots Avenue’s. NYC MTA Brass has constantly refused to reconnect The LAWB, after talking to three different administrations of NYC MTA Officials, none of The MTA Officials would budge. Every member of The Local Brownsville Community Board #16 and ENY Community Board #5 agreed to place it on their yearly district budgets since the year 2000 to rebuild and reconnect The LAWB for 14 year’s. Also all of The Local Elected Leaders all agreed with our proposal and approved the reconnection of The  LAWB,

But NYC MTA Officials Just Did Not Care !

          So I designed a web page, shot a short video and drew out a visionary area reconstruction  blueprint plan to help inspire NYC MTA, NYC HPD and Other City and State Officials to help them see the light. By building new commercial and residential units on Livonia Ave their would be, new jobs coming into our community both during and after the development project was built and there should be enough people getting on and off at both train stations every day to justify rebuilding and reconnecting The LAWB. These are just some of the reasons to help everyone realize why we should reconnect The LAWB which will happen shortly in the future during or after The Livonia Commons construction project. It is hard to believe but true NYC MTA Officials just kept on lying to us even doe we gave them over 6000 signatures from both Local Brownsville Community Board #16 and ENY Community Board #5 Area Residents who dreamed about reconnecting The LAWB. NYC MTA Officials said, their were just not enough people utilizing The BMT L Trains Livonia Ave and The IRT #3 Junius Street Train Stations to warrant reconnection. They said it just did not make any sense to reconnect The Livonia Ave Walkway Bridge between the two train stations. I knew if new commercial and residential housing units were built housing thousands of new residents and employees near The LAWB. We would be able to prove to NYC MTA Officials that we now will have more than enough people utilizing both train stations and then NYC MTA would be forced to reconnect and reopen The LAWB between the two stations that was the foundation of my plan to reconnect The LAWB.

Now NYC MTA will have to reconnect the two train stations in the future why? Because their will be more than enough people utilizing both train stations on a daily basics. MTA will eventually realize that they will have no choice due to the amount of increased riders transferring from train to train who live outside of the neighborhood and due to increased ridership from local area residents The LAWB must be reopened. MTA will find it difficult to resist when they start collecting a huge amount of additional revenue coming from both train stations turnstiles. MTA then will be forced to realize they really need to make a change and officially declare the reopening and reconnection of  “ The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge “ !

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NEED A JOB: Then Go Over To The Work Site On Livonia Ave Between Pennsylvania - Van Sinderen Ave's And Apply For The Jobs - See What Inspired The Land Grab On Livonia Ave Read Our Articles Below. It Only Took 14 Year's For Someone To Listen To The Street Talk, Log On and Fully Read About It. We Were The First To Propose A Livonia Ave Real Estate Development Project -
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