Randy  Hudsonse

           rBackground & Track Record of Accomplishments



   NYC HPD Certified 7A - COA

{ Court Ordered Building Administrator = COA }

NYU College Graduate Under The NYC HPD 7A Program

Former NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesman With

The General Development Corporation

Advanced Windows XP Pro Computer Programmer,

www.Internet HTML, PHP, D/HTML, XML, JAVA, CGI, Form Handlers

Desktop Publishing, Computer Graphic Artist, Macromedia FLASH 3D Animator,

Large and Small Concert Special Event Sponsor, Organizer and Promoter,


 Computer Software Programming - Cross Platforms Utilized:

 Microsoft - XP Professional System Admin, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher, Advanced

 Macromedia FLASH, Firework, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flex2, and Front Page Web Developer Programs,

 Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, www.Internet , Microsoft Outlook E-mail Program,

 Bullet Proof FTP Program, Program, Voice Overs, Mp3, Wave, Video

 Files, Computer Hardware Installations, and Software Upgrades. Adobe Photoshop, Zone Alarm

 Security Firewall Program, Home Site, DCOM.exe Mutable Port Closing Program, SPYBOT

 Program, Win Zip, Win RAR Programs, Microsoft Administrative Tools, Hardware & Software

 Upgrading, Configuring and Computer Installations, E-commerce, PAY PAL, Shopping Carts,

Custom DJ Music Mixing, Online Video Integration, Digital Photography, Digital Photo; Video Editing, and Retouching, Read and Write DVD; CD Burning and Designing of CD; Jewel Interior/Exterior Case Covers, Swift 3D Modeling and Animation Program, Search Engine Optimization,




              Sponsored ENY Brooklyn Youth Empowerment Community Programming for over 33 Years, A Community Activist Since 1975 within ENY Brooklyn through {The Hudsonic Org}, we have provided a one of a kind documented record of accomplishments that we are ” Very, Very, Proud OF  ”  !  We originally started with The Annual Family Day inside of The N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects, reopened JHS I.S 218 on Saturday afternoons for the community in conjunction with The N.Y.C.H.A Drug Elimination Program back in 1991 - 1993. After The Drug Elimination Program cancelled all city funding for use of Board of Education Facilities. We kept right on going without missing a beat. With the same 40 volunteers I organized from the community who originally helped me control our Saturday Afternoon Cultural Entertainment Drama Plays and Talent Show Programs at Cypress Theater inside JHS 218's from 1993 - 1995. The Hudsonic Organizations After School Center went into full swing within the same JHS 218 school facility. For the first time in the history of Cypress Hills Projects, "We The ENY Cypress Hills Projects Resident's banded together to help decrease area crime and violence rate by 50% during ASC operating hours  Monday - Friday 3 - 6 P.M on a daily basics by providing positive anti drug programming. {I'am extremely proud of pioneering that effort} I wrote the program proposal that brought the PAL Summer Play Program which returns each year during July & August to Cypress Hills Projects inside of The Euclid Ave Park Between Blake & Dumont Avenue's.


Sponsor List:


       As The Hudsonic Organization has grown we have organized major corporate funding sponsors, combined, and presented special events within ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn. With McDonalds Restaurants, Burger King, The Brooklyn & North Shore Bottling Companies. Tropical Fantasy Soda, SQUEEZER Fruit Drinks, Kentucky Fried Chicken, MODELLS Sporting Goods Store, GALAXY Diner, Lindenwood Diner Restaurants, Police Athletic League [PAL], The NYC 75th Police Precinct, The NYC 73rd Police Precinct, DAVE’S West Indian Restaurant, Dells Liquors, N.L CLINIC PHARMACY, Feliciano Properties Real Estate, Ellison Youth Inc, Lawrence Pharmacy, DOMINO’S PIZZA, DUNKIN DONUTS, VITAMIN WATER, D.L Blaine Electric – The Largest #1 Major NYC MTA Electrical Minority SUBWAY Contractor In NYC History, Dentist Dr. Patti, NYC Department of Youth & Community Services Grants, NYS Parks Department Grant, LAUNDRYLAND, NYC Parks Department of Permits, ENY State Assemblywoman Diane Gordons Office, ENY Community Board #5, ENY City Councilman Charles Barrons Office, ENY State Assemblyman Darryl Towns Office, ENY State Senator John Sampsons Office, 107.5 WBLS F.M Radio Station JAM VAN and The WBLS SURESHOTS Basketball Team With Vaughn Harper, 98.7 KISS F.M Radio Stations DJ Red Alert and JAM VAN, Sad Sam From Video Music Box, and numerous Local Store Owners. To find out more about The Hudsonic Organization hit the back button and view our track record.

" Remember Nothing Is Impossible When People Work Together " !


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