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 Randy Hudsons Reference List


A. Knowledge & Skills Qualification Resume:


Business Administration, Marketing, Finance & Advertising Major,

Business and Program Proposal Writer,

NYC HPD Certified 7A- {COA} Court Ordered Building Administrator,

Former NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesman W/General Development Corp, 

Advanced Windows XP PRO - Computer Programmer,

Software & Hardware Installer, www.Internet HTML Web Site Developer,

Computer Graphic Artist and 3D FLASH Animator,

Large Multi Versatile Special Events Coordinator & Promoter,

The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge Documentary Film Producer



1.   MTA Signature Petition To Improve The IRT #3 Train Line Shuttle Service

2.    Connect The BMT L & IRT #3 Train Lines Through A NEW FREE Fare Transfer Point At

3.   The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge { LAWB } { View Map } Between ENY & Brownsville Brooklyn

      Improve Area Police Protection Between The 75th and The 73rd NYC Police Precincts At

   The { LAWB }

      Improve Area Lighting

      Establish Handicap and Senior Citizen Access Elevators @ The NEW FREE Fare

   Transfer Point Bridge




 To whom it may concern,

Everything I Stated Above Can Be Verified, Through The Community Representatives Listed Below


B. References Section


ENY Community Board #5 Board Chairman Mr. Bradley and Office Manager Mr. Cambell: 718 498-5711


ENY Community Board#5 Present Board Member Mr. Floyd Hawkins: 718-346-3454


Former Community Board #5 Board Mr. Moseley: 718-277-0099.

Present Hudsonic Org Board Member, Former Brownsville School Bd District #23 President,

Current Chairman NYC Council Of Presidents for The N.Y.C.H.A Mr. Reginald Bowman: 718- 922 - 7141

Former Bd of Ed ENY Local Community School Board District #19 Offices

Board President Mrs. Monica Moseley: 718-240-2700

District #19 Facilities Accounting Manager Ms. Mary Dent: 718-240- 2700

Former District #19 School Facilities Manager: Ms. Queenie Wooten: 718-240-2748

 Political ENY And Brownsville Brooklyn USA Area References

Congressman Ed Towns ENY District Office - 718- 272-1175

ENY State Assemblyman Darryl Towns 54th Assembly District Office: 718- 235-5627

ENY State Assemblywoman Inez Barron 40th Assembly District Office: 718-257-5824

ENY 42th District City Councilman Mr. Charles Barrons Office -  Office Manager: 718 -649-9495

N.Y.C.H.A President of City Wide Council of Presidents 2008 Reginal Bowman - Office 718-385-2729

N.Y.C.H.A Former 1990 -1995 ENY Cypress Hills Projects Manager, Now Current 2009, N.Y.C.H.A Queens Borough [DEP] Community Services Manager: Mr. Byron Cave: 718-399-9734.

N.Y.C.H.A 2009 ENY Cypress Hills Housing Projects Tenant Association President

Ms Gains 718-235-3657

N.Y.C.H.A 1994 - 2008 Former ENY Cypress Hills Housing Projects Tenant Association President

Former 2008 ENY Community Board Number 5 Board Member Mr. Duane Faison: 718-348-6481.

N.Y.C.H.A 1990 1995 Former ENY Cypress Hills Projects Tenant Association

President Mrs. Carrie Oliver: 718-277-3032

Former ENY Male District Leader Mr. Decosta Headley Jr

Brownsville Brooklyn References

Brownsville 40th District  City Councilwoman Ms. Darlene Mealys Office -   718 - 953-3097

Brownsville Brooklyn Community Board #16 Ms. Green District Manager - [718] 385-0323

Other references given upon request

               Presenting Randy Hudson- CEO of The Hudsonic Organization, and

                  CEO/Owner  - BIG Time Bu$iness Web Sites 


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