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  Who Are The Real Community Trench Soliders ?    

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Our Business Pages

Every time we snap a  picture with our video and still cameras ! We help to show the brighter side of our inner NYC neighborhoods. It's all live on the spot and we keep it real when voices come .........

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !

As I walk through our NYC neighborhoods I walk up and ask residents their personal opinions about poltical, entertainment, drugs and  what ever they feel they want to talk about. We try to find  interesting people talking about rare subjects that are important to your own quality of life so together we can help improve our communities. Many residents are anxious to tell me the problems they are experiencing and together we try to come up with a new solution that might change things in their future  .............

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !

Who said life was going to be easy, and who said it was supposed to be fair. Our personal opinions will examine the who, what,when, where, how and why it all happens ........... 

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !

That's where our www.bigtimebiz.biz web site comes in. We can take pictures of your friends, family, hang out buddies, or work pals then place them here online for all to view and hear something that might make a local poltical offical to take notice of what you are saying and then take action because of what you said. Like to say your piece and get your 15 minutes of fame ? Just e-mail us a picture and write down the words you want to have included with your picture or place it on one of our big time biz forum pages. So e-mail  us and we'll give you and your buddies, " THEIR 15 MINUTES OF FAME , That's Right I Said For FREE On " ! 

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"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !

Since 2001 we have obtained  over 3 Million Hits without being on TV or Radio and 24/7 have global surfers paying attention to our web site. Experience the creative excitement of www.bigtimebiz.biz  and you will alway find our site alot of fun and also pickup other valuable quality of life information right here on .......

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !

So tell your school friends, sports club, motorcycle club, bowling club, stock market investment club, van club basketball team, church buddies, baseball team etc about

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD "

" Because We Are Here, Just 4 You" !

 Now you really do have the keys to success in your hands, " OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING " ! So answer the door,  open up your mind and start thinking what you want to say when we get you  online with ....

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !

Remember innovation is the key to making unthinkable things work and a mind is a terrible thing to waste because " In The New Millennium " we must think , out of the box to recreate the future ! So if you saw the train leaving the train station, going by or heard the arriving trains horn blowing when you logged in ? The next time when you hear that train horn blow ? Make sure you are on that train  when that train  leaves a one of a kind train station called ....

"  Straight Out Of The HOOD " !


Get On Board Today Contact Us 

E-mail: Contact Us

[212]  631-4218



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